Thursday, November 05, 2009

Man of my Fantasy- Josephine Silla

Burriful Video...Spread it like a
Please show my sister some love. She deserves it after all the dedication, hard work plus her voice is beautiful. Keep doing you Jojo...Much Luv...LP

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Currently Feelin Like...

Watcha drinking?
Rum or whiskey?
Now won'tcha have a
Double with me?

I'm sorry I'm a little late
I got your message by the way
I'm calling in sick today
So let's go out for old time's sake

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

We were mischievious
And you were always wearing black
I was so serious
You know my boyfriend's mother
Nearly had a heart attack

I'm sorry I'm a little late
You know the stripes on a tiger
Are hard to change

I know this world feels
Like an empty stage
I wouldn't change a thing
So glad you're back again

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

I'll never forget you
At times we couldn't shake it
You're my joy
Always remember me

We just got swallowed up
You know I didn't forget you
We just got swallowed up

Well, we just got swallowed up
But you love that I didn't forget you
We just got swallowed up
By the whole damn world

Watcha thinking?
Did you miss me?
I borrowed your silver boots
Now if you'd just let me
Give them back to you

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

I'll never forget you
Although at times we couldn't shake it
You're my joy
Always remember me

Don't you know that you're my joy
Always remember me
Don't you know that you're my joy
Always remember me

Song by the Noisettes: Never Forget You

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dog Days are Over

Peace, Love and Harmony...Speaking Of Harmony...Fayomz. Shout out to u babes.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Night

Theres a lot in my head that I want to get out but I can't and slowing I'm suppressing...yet again. I might have to go see a shrink. Shaaaa.............. Hiya. Nothing going on here. I'm bored. Haven't turned on my tv in weeks because I only watch CHARMED on Back to school. Went on a road trip to the A this past weekend. It was lavly. I surprised the girls as But that trick is getting old jor. I no do surprise again.

***Errrrr...Red Lipstick, green shoes, fly bottom, beef stew. ***

Since I can't be with the one Nigerian bobo that always made me hot ;-) I'm going to marry someone of a different race. And maybe even relocate to his endz. At this point, every other naij guy after him doesn't count, and I don't want to put anyone thru that...thats between u and me only o...dont tell anyone else my plan..hehehehe. But one day again, I'll talk about love, u dig!!! Would you want to be 17 again???..I think in the next 3 years, that answer would be yes. I guess this means I have to seriosuly cherish my youth...*sigh*

***tonights gonna be a good night***

My hurr is'a'growin. It's beginning to disturb my face. 8 months and going strong. Only now, I feel the need to wash it more. I should just get silk sheets so I dont have to bother with scarves.
Did i ever tell u about my Venice dream?

My mummy, my daddy, my bro's... :-) No one like you.

Drive thru's, 24 hr grocery stores, online shopping, Malls, Drug stores, Only expected rush hour traffic, the whack african parties, my space, no strings attached, Jboy, constant light, no vampire mosquitoes, abuse of my sense of security and freedom....Just a few of the things I will miss about my 2nd home :-(

***Beware of Cancer***

(-: (-: (-: Eba, dodo, yam, SUYA :-) :-) :-)

For the love of passion, not money, but if your joy brings you both then you're one lucky bastard.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Natural High

Anticipation is a very tricky feeling. I need to put it up in LingLand '_'

Working on an Az'ure Light Up Nigeria project. I find myself going back and forth on my tabs. Refreshing my emails to see if great news or even good enough news awaits. It's such a bad habit. I need to chill. I need a drink, but I have a cold so all I can drink is tea :-(
At least I know Progress is 60 more % before completion

Why do people, mostly men take a woman's strength for doggedness? They are so threatened by our tenacity that they try to make us believe that it is not usual; improper if you may to be strong-willed. Well, you can kiss my skinny behind. Deal with it or go jump in front of a speeding BMW.

"I have developed the act to keep creeping thoughts lingering on the edge of my mind. They, Far enough to remain harmless, are quite light and unable to penetrate the core of my senses. Denying them previously granted access. You are him and you are you...and them,... It's all very similar. Forgive me if I misjudge you but I know no other way to be familiar. We'll play the game of cat and mouse... or dog, which ever personality you are more drawn to. I'll tell a ruse and you as I forecast, will make your eyes shrink like "certainly confused". So predictable."

**So are we really uping the prices for our mamas clothes by calling them vintage?....Lol. Yah, ask the next person who cares cos I ain't buying if it costs that much.**

*sniffle sniff sniffles*

Why think about someone when they don't you? Why call someone when they can't be asked to call you? Beats me o. We need to learn to Stop making excuses for others dispassion. Stop caring about what they think or what you think they think, because no matter how much we try to dream up scenarios for them, we always get it wrong. We deserve what we get based on what we give, I believe.

I am not Ordinary. I am unexpectedly phenomenal. What I do next should not shock you but give you the courage to be free indefinitely. So much to do and see Naturally. I assimilate it clearly. You should too. Don't be restricted to the four walls of institutions. Be out in the fields, underwater or the sidewalk fulfilling your passion rather than smoking joints, shooting up and getting high unnaturally, artificially, like the pretentious world we live in.

Some get off from being In Love :-)
"It was a different kind of high for me. Caught in moments when the Earths gravity gave way causing us to float with our feet still on soil."

Some get off from their creativity ;-)
"I knew this was my destiny after my fifth ever compliment. I was five and the end results always came naturally"

I will wait for no man to give me clarity. I have the feat of the Almighty. Have control over your Heart. Have control over you Mind. Have Control Over your Body....This is what God said to me...
...Welcome to my life World.
This is my destiny

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Fridays

Friday oh Friday...not that I've got nothing to do but I just don't do nothing. I'm currently a bum and I like it :-)

I like twitter because I can say as much as I can with no pressure. The first thing about twitter I abhor is "Follw Fridays" or watever they call it. I don't want to explain wat it is but, I just hate it. "Don't Abuse the Application"...Why do you have to tweet every damn minute. Like I check my page after two hours and all I see are 100 tweets from one person...As in, really?? And they've started forming cliques again ontop twitter. RT themselves all damn day. I know I sound like a hater but gosh, I dint notice this until I started following Nigerians on there. This whole social thingy we find ourselves doing really pisses me the hell off. Needless to say that I've UnFollowed the lot. Follow me I guess? If you want sha.


Major changes are about to take place and I can't wait. To think that I was ready to move back. Now I'm just ready to move out and move on :-)


*I need to hold back on the smiley faces*

Playstation...You SUCK. So I bought my PS3 console 2 month ago and these fools decided just now that they'll be releasing the PS3 slim. I'd have definitely chosen slim over phat because I do a lot of travelling and the 1st gen PS3 is heavy boy. Hmph!!! Arggghhh...And to find a buyer will be a BIG problem because not only did they increase the memory on the Slim, but they also reduced the price by a hundred bucks. Who in their right minds is gonna want this dinosaur that I own now ehn. And no one can tell me I didn't play my cards right before getting my console. I waited for what seemed like eternity, over three years before I bought it. If thats not patience, I don't know what is. I'm so very disappointed. Whatever sha.

Working on some Azure accessories. This one will coincide with a particular issue in Nigeria. You'll have to wait and see but it's going to be a hit :-)

my new bestest website for Naija news. It has everything from sports to politics to arts :-)

I've started drawing again...well, sort of. Damn, I haven't drawn since...since...2007??

This entry feels like a Dear Diary type joint.

***And 7 hours later...I broke my wireless usb. I rushed to Bestbuy 5 minutes ago and just like that, I've xchanged it for a new one. One of the reasons I Love America. If we were in Jand, I'll have to explain what, why, how and when the accident happened. If we were in Naija, I'd be coughing out another $70 to buy a new one because we know those fools don't take back anything; Broken or***

Back to my original post...***Hold that thought. I gotta go somewhere too do something right quick***

Ok, I'm back. So I decided to check out the PS3slim o, and guess what....WHAT you say?...They're sold out. That's how I would've sold my console and be left with nothing. Lol...God works in mysterious ways.

***I started to hear myself think, so I turned up the Radio***

My baby gets more adorable each day. If I can love a friends kid this much, I wonder how much love I'll have for my own kid. Can't wait :-)
It's rainng outside. Good reason not to call anyone or go out. This is going to be a wonderfully quiet weekend.

Stay Blessed world.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've fallen in love with Techno and House and Funky house music.
Ever since love left, I've resorted to fast tunes with heavy bass. All that mushy stop can not pay me at this point in my life. I'm back to being hard ;-)
Went to Taman Gang with my hommie and her school mates. I loved the music there. My friend thot I was wacko when I was jumping like a white girl cos they were playing one of my Techno Enjoy this track by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. I absolutely adore this track and the video is so cool too.

Happy Birthday OmoT

Keep Love Alive people!!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoy the Pics

Laura Izibor @ Kings College June 1st 2009

India Arie July 12 2009

John Legend, July 12 2009.

Cold Play @ Koka Booth Amphitheatre August 6th 2009

The Past Months

I went on a brief Hiatus :-)
I broke my literally. I unscrewed it and did so much damage that the Geek at the Squad couldn't revive my wireless, so I had to buy a USB thingy that picks up connections. He at least fixed some other sutff for free.. Best Buy rocks.
Just recovering from a hangover. After a long day taking my friends mum shopping, my hommie gave me a bottle of White wine. I never understood when guys said that they could finish a whole bottle in one sitting. I didn't understand until last It is indeed very possible.
So how have you lot been? I'm gonna summarize my life since I left in May.

May/June: went to England for my fathers god-daughters wedding. It was nice. It was great having the whole family on vacation together in one spot. Caught up and chilled with a lot of old and great friends. I love my friends mehn. I can't say this enough. *sigh*. London was so much fun though. I was never home. One thing I learnt was to take a shower before I stepped out of the door even if you're just going up the hill for some Ate some good food. Monica the The day before my birthday, I took my fam to go see Laura Izibor and Mamas Gun. OmoT was skeptical unitl after the show. She's not into my kind of madness. Soul music and the likes but she really enjoyed it. I'm glad she did. The twins can't stop talking about it too. The especially loved her song "Mmmmmm".
I Got addicted to Ribena all over again. Fish and Chips. Good Chocolate. And all the men that kept me company and enjoyed my Hmmm, there was this one guy that was quite disgusting. I won't go there sha but ewwww...And there was one that was in love with my locs. First guy that I allowed touch my That my future boo from Zimbabwe :-) He was too cute abeg. And his pick up lines were adorably Gosh!!! And the one that saw me on the street and believed we were destined to Men are funny sha. But it's always good fun cos I can accomodate randomness and I find it quite enjoyable.

Anyway June/July: Got back to Yonkers. Went back to the lab, got some work done and played harder. My hommie got married and my friends came down. We always wile out when we're together...lo.. Fun times. Drove down to DC with poodle. Went for the Chelsea/Ac Milan game in Baltimore. Stayed at Gizzles. Went to see FRESHLY GROUND...*sigh* best concert of my life til date. God is good oh, and He most certainly loves me. So Poodle and I left the house an hour early so we wouldn't miss a thing ehn. Just for us to get there an hour late because downtown Washington DC is retarded..hisssssssss...And i didn't have GPS. Jojo who went with LG was giving us updates. She met the lead singer sef, can u imagine. Like they had a whole conversation and too pics and all WTF. Sha sha, we got there and thankfully there were some problems so they started 2 hours I was so happy o, cos if I missed the show, I woulda cried. The week after, I saw John Legend in concert. India Arie opened for him. My boo, so sexy :-) My friends bought me very good seats as my birthday pressie. It was a great show.

August: Maxwell tickets were sold out at Ticketmaster for weeks until the day of the concert and I got great seats. Row K. Mary Mary opened for him. Random bah? One of them is pregerz sef. She looked bonz with her bang belly. Maxwell is so sexy yo. His song is even playing right now. what a coinkidinki. Any who, that dudes smile can heal my pain on a bad day. We weren't allowed to take pics so I don't have those for u :-(
The day after, I saw COLD Play. This concert was actually pretty cool. At the box office, there was a Lil Wayne poster hanging on the window cos he was performing on saturday. I asked the lady for Cold play tickets. She did a double take and asked in an unsure manner.. "For tonight?". And I was like "Yes!!!". She looked shocked outta her mind...lmao. But yeah, we had so much fun that night. And here we are, the day after my hangover, I'm blogging again. Re-registered for thesis so I'll defend sometime in December. That's it really.

I Promise to be good and blog at least once a month okay?...Luv y'all.
P.s, I'm looking for a boyfriend for my bestfriend. If u have d hook up, lemme know ;-)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Smiling from ear to ear you guys.
I went to the "Soul Bird" concert last night...hehehe...
I got there late cos I parked far away and had to leg it to the Performing Arts Center. I missed Yazzarah's performance but o well...I watched her sometime last month so, no biggie.

Laura Izibor had started performing as I casually looked for my seat. It was too dark so an attendant led me to the Orchestra section L-seat 115. (I will never forget that seat...lmao). As she was walking and getting soooo close to the stage, my smile got wider with each row I left behind, and finally I got to my seat, 12 rows from the stage...Lol. And to think I couldn't find tickets on Saturday night and finally got them 7 hours before the show. God is good!!! It cost me about 6 square meals but damn....It was over worth it. Laura is a beautiful singer and performer. He voice is madd and she's a joker

KEM-He was next. I thought that dudes voice was annoying back in d daycos of the way he always said "gurrl" in an annoying high pitched voice, but surprisingly, I loved him too. I knew 3 of his songs sha, so I got to sing along a bit. He laced us with a couple of tracks off his unreleased album. Boy oh boy...Someone is in Love. Chei...His lyrics were deep mahn. And he took us to church too. Prayed for us, and blessed us. That was as good as church service for

Yes,...and finally...INDIA ARIE. Yes, RocNaija...the real India...hehehehe.
India is the only artist that has got me to buy all her albums, (I kinda have all John Mayers albums too sha) so you know I had a blast losing my voice last night. My ears are still ringing and I woke up It was great. She's a joker too. She messed up on one song and started skipping round her Hilarious.

Ahhh...all d songs were fantastic, but RIVER RISE (I'm sure I've mentioned that track b4), was different. I was touched, and she herself had to go off stage to recoup because she got emotional singing it. So apparently, all her songs are recounts of her life. She said that right before she performed "He Heals Me"...Hmmmm...I need to know a man like that for real. I teared up listening to that one. I dint cry o...just got all mushy and stuff.

When she performed "Yellow", she took off her orange outfit right there on stage (I thot India had lost it then o), and revealed her purple one which goes according to the song right when she says "together you and me are Purple". I thot that was kewl.

She laced us with some old tracks and then she brought her mama on stage to perform "God is Real" as a tribute to yesterday being Mothers day. He mother can sing boyyy...Damn. And she was bonz looking too with her long flowing Loc's. She performed "Pearls" an old track from Sade which she covered in her new album". Deep song m8.

The man I sat next to gave me his binoculars a few times. I could see all the freckles on her face and And then she came into the crowd the whole time she performed "Theres Hope" from her Testimony 1: Life and Relationships album. I was too stunned to take a picture. She stood on chairs and everything... I was so close to Groupie shock m8...lawl. She tried to make it upstairs but the song wasn't long enough so she just came back down. She's a great sport. She must have performed the first 13 songs off her Testimony 2 album.

And then as the audience started fading out, she came back to end the show with a prayer and Her final song "Ready for Love". Thats when I whipped out my phone and took 3 pictures. *shakes head* They are not clear at all, but you'll get the picture..(Get it??..Get d picture???

Alright y'all this is to you and yours, and I'm signing out with another very lovely song by India...story of my life..."Long Goodbye".

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hullo...I haven't watched any movies of recent so no reviews today...Sorry.
Anywhoooo...*sigh* I'm sure some ppl think I'm little Miss perfect and I don't have issues, but boy do I have my own problems. Like, the hell... I don't put my shit on others so why do they feel the need to do me such an unwanted favour...hiss...

So, only three people in my class are graduating on Saturday. I knew I wasn't going to graduate with my class cos of the devils sister that tried to get me depressed so I dint feel too bad until I found out a friend of mine was also not graduating because of his thesis. It's a longer story for him and his is even worse but..whatever...the annoying part is when people don't know how to shut up n try to rub it in your face. Na wa o.

I'm cleaning out my closet...not figuratively but literally. I've got too much junk mehn. So many clothes that have not seen the light of day since 2007. Definitely giving them out to good will. So many boxes too...sheesh. They are all going bye bye by the end of the week.

So what do rich folk do during their spare time? They go on flights to the edge of space...ZERO GRAVITY. So, i might do that in the future when i grow some seems a bit scary , u know.

My homeboy thinks Azure should set up shop. I totally agree u know, but I'm clueless on how to. I've read it up a few times on selling your products to big stores but's a long tin.

Up MAN UTD!!!...hehehe. We're going all the way this season. God give us the support to win. May the soul of the Arsenal fan that killed himself after the ManU-Ars game rest in peace o...Which one now? Why so serious???

My new "friend" is a Chelsea fan...Gosh, can't I ever like boys that are Red devils?

India is performing in NC today..Somehow, I dint hear about this until last night. Tried to buy tickets but they're sold out :-( I'm so sad...It wasn't meant to be bah?...Bull sheit..I want a ticket NOW!!!

I have to make a call on Tuesday although I just feel the need to send a text and say i tried to call but no luck. I wonder when it came down to this *shakes head*...Watever.

Ok, going back to clean my room now. I was missing y'all so i decided to come say wussup so...WHAZZAAAPPP!!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009


Abeg...MI is worth all d noise m8. I'm just finally listening to his Illegal Music album. "What 2 Do" has been on repeat for days. Ah ahn... bobo yen gbono sir (that dude is hott boss)!!! I'm using my DJ headphones to listen to the track just to appreciate the full effect. It's messy.
..."If you gonna leave me, leave me. But Free me easy, Please Be... Gentle, Sentimental, pencil written notes essential, Preferential..."
Enough more to say...I no fit talk.

I love the free therapy i get from blogging. It'd have been much berra if was anonymous sha...hehehe. That way I could ask questions like..."If people are evil and since they have spirits, those that make them evil spirits? If yea, then that means my uncles wife is an evil spirit???...LMAO!!!

My brother just said "Love you" to me...hmmmm...Pigs are definitely flying tonight boy. Or that knuckle head is getting old and emotional on me.

The new Az'ure designs are out. Thanks to my brilliant and supportive friends, i think this is the best sturvz i've done in my life.

Baba God has my back mehn. So my peeps was like, "Oi, go n find cribs for rent in the Queens town before we touch down. We'll be there for a week...and I was like "yea? Sure boss". So, For the past month, I've been dedicatedly looking for flats o. And I've pulled out all my dreadlocks because of it. No legit person rents out flats for a week apparently. On craigslist, Holiday rentals range from 150 GBP to 500GBP...PER NIGHT...hahahahaha...What a laugh. Then forget the yahoo yahoo guys that were telling me I have to do bank transfer....laff.
As in those guys are so dumb. Those fools are so lazy that they have the same wordings for all their emails. Peeps this o.



We are glad to inform you that the apartment is still available for the period you requested.

We offer it for £43 per night, all tax and utilities are included. We also charge a security deposit of £180

You requested for 28 nights and the total price including security deposit is £1,384

We do accept payment through Bank Transfer. Please do get back to us as soon as possible to reconfirm your interest so that we can send you our Terms and Condtions

Best Regards

Anthony Williams

Such an idiot...and then I had three other messages just like dat but with different email addys. *shakes head* this one must be an unsmart swindler.

I called all d agencys and asked if they had flats for a week and they wuz like,
"Where u fink u are? We only do one month and over bruv" I said "ok now, one month please how mush...? They told me d price and I was weak....I refused to tell my parents I'd found a place. Chei...Can I just be a billionaire quick so I can understand what it's like to just say "Give me the best place you've got" instead of " Give me the cheapest price you've got" Anyway, $2 phone card later, my mum called to say a friend is giving them his keys so I can relax. Thank God sha, cos I would've been very upset if my father had to pay that much money when he can give it to me ;-)

Congratulations to me pleax...I wrote my last exam for the rest of my life today. I aced it sha. I missed one point cos I dint stick to my gut. I wrote Alzheimers disease instead of Antihypertensive disease. I knew it started with A but the 'anti' totally jeered me off...hissss. But yes o, more written exams EVER!!! I told popsie and he said "You still have to do PhD"....I was like Pardon???...Chill now boss. PhD ko, PhDizzy ni...Abegi jor.

Ok, I don't know when I became a movie junkie sef but please go and see the "Wolverine" joint if you haven't already. The first time ever I sat to read the credits hoping part two would start immediately after.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

May 4th 2009

It's that time of year again my friend. The mood is damper here o.
It doesn't get easier neither does it get harder. It's just there. But I know you're at peace so it's all good. But damn, I miss you. I wish you were here...So if you're really watching from up there...Smile babes cos I'm alright. And as I promised, you'll never be forgotten my dear friend. Happy Birthday Deolu :-)

***You're either in it for Love or Comfort***
If it's the former, there'll be lots of trials.
Hopefully it's strong enough to see us through.
If it's comfort, then don't expect to be loved
When you change your mind, it'll be too late.
I'll be gone.
Choose wisely...For Love or Materialism.
I choose Love...
...sometimes, we get both, end up fufilled.
If life gets to you, don't let it get you.
Forget the times ahead, Live for the moment
But at the moment your living for the future.
Unsure of tomorrow, you wreck our present.
Never take the ones that love you for granted.
That last straw might wreck your maybe ever after.
Don't take me too seriously.
I am an easy solve....just accept me.
I'm an easy love but a hard forgive.
I'm learning...unforgetting.
I'm learning to be understanding in silence...
from a distance, fighting the resistance...
Simply put..I need you to know that I care...I miss you.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have finally glued my serious cap to my big head, so therefore, thesis paper is progressing. I have a minimum of 50 pages to produce....HA HA HA HA!!! Jokes on me ey? Well, it wont be half bad once I get all my results cos I sure do have lots. I feel like proper bloggin tonight. Release therapy, you dig?!!! Everyone is out cos it's friday night...and the male Jezebels have started sms'ing me. "What are we doing tonight?"...Errrr...How about you come and type my paper for me while I find more references. Nonsense people. So, Vindi decided to bless us with guest appearance...Awww...thanks sweerie pie. This crust on my bread is rather annoying. He is so predictable. He sends a text every day saying "What's up".......whats up??? Like, don't u feel a tad bit ridiculous asking me what's up everyday??? Mind you, I get charged for receiving text messages o. And yesterday text 1 read "Hey"!!!....I wanted to throw my phone at the next store attendant that came to ask me if I needed help. I didn't reply, and then came text two "whats up"...Arrrrggghhhhh! (*%^$&*%(&@U)#U)U@$)U_)@$_).

So when we grow older, will we all wear Pyjamas? I wear only t-shirts or boy shorts or jumpers to bed, but then momsie and popsie shop for night wear. Hmmm...I seriously doubt I'll be making any of those lingering purchases in the future.

I have a pseudo-problem. I feel like my very good friend has been snatched away by the real world. So I had a crush on this one boy, and Me n 'him' made a pact back in secondary school that we'd get married if we weren't already hooked by 27. Who would have thought that my 'male' buddy would get married before me!!!....Unpredictables of this world just take me by surprise every time. I'm actually very thrilled that he is married with a little boy, but I'm not too happy with the fact that for one, I haven't even met his wife and two, I haven't seen his kid...Not even a picture. And it always seems like I'm the one who tries to keep our friendship going but it dies, and then i try to revive it all the time. I'm done trying now. It hasn't gotten us anywhere thus far. I miss him though and I'll cherish the memories....sush hiz life hinnit!?!?

I want a puppy so bad. This is all LB's fault. He recently adopted a cat and named her Amari. I get to
watch both of them bond via video mail and they r so adorable when they fight. So, yes, I have puppy blues. I want a white west highland terrier. Since my birthday is around the corner and I can't depend on the men in my life to buy me the right gifts at the right time, I might buy myself a little pup :-) My blood vessels feel constricted now that I'm actually considering it. But i know i won't do it. I'm not ready for a long term relationship right now. My heart has been punctured once already and if I knew what a cardiac arrest felt like, I'd have to say having a deflated heart feels much worse.

I watched Marley & Me 2 nights ago...over and over...I cried It had a greater effect on me than Slum dog millionaire. I guess because I relate better to the dog story than to the love story. Bidders beware, when it comes to matters of the heart, LP is emotionally and physically unavailable o. I'd rather be numb sha, than go through that shit again...damn. I near died of a stomach ulcer last year. from d How do you people survive after ending several relationships? I have a crush on two guys and they are both beautiful. Those dudes can never be single although their facebook info states I don't believe everything I see on there but I sure hope that bit is positively true. Thats enough revelation for the night....treasure it o, cos I wont be this open for the next few months :-)

Back to siting references *sigh*
Nite nite my comupter friends. Vindi, B'Cup, SD, Roc and d newest commenter on Life b4 French, Tiwa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So guys, hope you lot are doing good and are Happy.

I've been slacking this I've always been doing since I was born....hehehe.
I stopped doing Lab work for about 3 weeks after my Oga said i had to re-start. I was like, Pardon??? But really, that mess got me disoriented m8. As in, "dude, this is my thesis negro". My final project as the Europeans and Nigerians like to call it. Anyway, I've started going back and I actually like it :-)
Hopefully I'm done this summer. I want to relocate people. I'm thinking of going to Canada so I can apply for skilled workers visa. The future is so broad and uncertain but bright...Na me a headache thinking about all the changes to be done and decisions I have to make. God dey bah?

I'm watching Slumdog Millionaire. I started watching it last night but was continually distracted by a certain somborry who refuses take a hint. Gosh,...don't you just hate it when someone you're not attracted to always wants to be around you? Makes me want to scream. Arrrgggghhhh!!! Life is funny tho. Latika and Jamal...are u kids kidding me? Movies can give us hope though half of it is bullocks, we still want to believe. (Please, when did I become such a skeptic?) I need to retrieve my heart back from the rock i left it under.

When guys are going through stuff, they take it out on you by being cold instead of just letting go and telling us whats on their mind. Like, why can't they just be vulnerable. I'm not saying he should break down and cry except it is absolutely necessary...and not the "booo hoo hoo" kinda cry, but the "water in my eyes" type. Anyway, the most reasonable thing to do is be patient and give them their space innit? Thats what I think, unless someone has a different answer for my good friend who is totally confused by this one guy. My brother too does this...when his brain touches, we just leave him alone or give him a bottle of cold water to cool

Current Playlist: Soft Rock
1). Tom's Dinner: Susanne Vega
2). Breathe Carolina: The Birds and The Bees
3). Take my Hand (remix): Dido**
4). I feel it All: Feist
5). Beautiful: Lucy Scwhartz
6). Valerie: Amy Winehouse
7). Mushaboom: Feist
8). I don't know a thing: Lucy Schwartz
9). Use Somebody : Kings of Leon**
10). I'd rather damce with you: Kings of Convenience**
11). Groove Jet: DJ Spiller
12). Hero/Heroine: Boys Like Girls
13). F***ing Boyfriend: The Birds and the Bees
14). The Cure and the Curse: Fish go deep
15). Someday Soon: Katy Tunstall
16). Count on Me: Lucy Schwartz
17). If I ever feel Better: Phoneix
18). Stoned: Dido**

** the songs that i have on repeat.
Bonus Track: T.O.N.Y, by Solange... Love this song. "

I'm having a rest before I have to go back to school. I'll see ya when I see ya.
Stay happy guys.

Miss P!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy for real this time...

Hehehe...I'm BACKKKK!!!
I told u I'd be back and vibrant as ever. For some reason, I want to be in Le'Meridian hotel right this instant....weird. But, anyway...I Love love love my friends and family...I called every one that could possibly cheer me up. The one hommie in London din't pick up but she called me back and gave me some gr8 belly laughs...lmao. *sigh* that was fun and nice. Hehehehe....i'm still on giggles.

side bar***I'm tired of thinking...I'm ready for feeling...but I'm just do I tell him?***end of side bar

Meanwhile, is my blog that boring ehn...No blogger award since I started this biatch in 2000 and gbogboro...a wa nomination sef...can I at least compete for older bloggers association or most boring blog on the planet...Oga But I love the simplicity of things here...very traffic, no drama, no Nepa...Less dedication. But I miss my "computer friend" as SD calls You are now more than my computer-friend...U upgraded me to facebook friend. Vindi...vindi...vindi...Blogging has not been the same since you were whisked away by the fiend of a community called dumdumdum..."Facebook"...U are surely missed in blogville even tho I get to read your Notes on's not the same. *sigh*..another one bites the

On a real tho, Vindi is a real cool lady. She has the most random sense of humor...I think she should try out stand up comedy. I don't know any other babes that are as funny as she is, and she doesn't even try. It's like regular convo for her and then laughs all Keep sharing your laughter my sister...we need it. I was at the studio last night...lmao...Jokes mehn. I love being around people that can give me a good laugh. I'm no musician sha, thats for sure. Ur girl is too timid but I'd be a great producer tho. So, I'm going to be featured in a skit for a Nigerian artist that is making her way to the top. I can't say anything about the skit or who it is until everything is set in stone...but it was bare jokes making was so incoherent, I wonder how it's going to turn out. I wrote a chorus to a song for another I guess all the poetry is paying off ey? Just call me the ghost

I love life..don't even care that tomorrow is *sigh*I'm just happy to be happy and alive and I thank the good Lord for bringing me this far in life. I am content for a 21** year old...My mothers Easter prayer for me was..."You shall marry a great man...followed by a loud Amen. "You shall be Happy and I wish you good health... prosperity is shall live long"...followed by another Amen. And then I got to church and couldn't concentrate the whole time. Her prayer resounded in my head over and over...and I thought to myself...

"Didn't his mother wish this kind of things for him too?...I know she prayed for him to live long...But he's gone now". What went wrong? Still don't know what physically happened to him. But his birthday is almost here...And everytime around his birthday, I get all wonky. I guess thats the reason I was feeling the way I was earlier...*sigh* It's like trying to get through a sealed room with no tools...just your fingernails. I can't reach you..I can't see you...we can't talk...I can't hold you...the things we used to do and say...all fading away...but I will never forget Your smile :-) This day and always. I Love you Deolu :-)

Shout out to B'Cup, SD and RocNaija...I've enrolled you guys in my frequent visitors program. Wait for your freebies in the mail ;-)

Bye my lovelies.

P.s...**real age undisclosed...I know u read my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Day

I'm in a jolly mood
I'm in a Jolly mood
I'm in a Jolly mood
Thats what I've been telling myself for the past 6 hours. *sigh*
I'm home alone on Easter Sunday because I'm highly irritable and can't be bothered to drive for 30mins to get to boys house even though he has food. Case point 2, I was half starved 2 hours ago, but condition has improved now as I got some Greek food. I miss home on holidays. This is the first Easter I'm feeling a drag because I'm away from the family. I guess I was just reminded of all the things we did in the past during this season. The endless plates of food, the numerous getsogerras, and the fine Nigerian boys...*sigh*
I resulted to re-charging my phone card and calling all the numbers in my "naija/ghana" list. Phone card is out, so I'm left to watching whack movies on
Lol...I'm depressing myself some more by sulking. Let me crack a joke instead.
Ok, the joke refused to come to me, so I'm going to retire from this post and start a new and improved post before the night ends. Let me call my Padi in ATL and see if she can lift my spirit :-)

By my lovelies...I'll be back tonight...HAPPY EASTER.

I l

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Did you know

~Organic food is not really that healthy...
~5 year British Visa is now $592...
~Men fall in love faster but get over the relationships quicker than women...
~Nigeria is smaller than the state of Texas...
~I hate this part right here...
~Hair grows at 1/2 an inch every month...
~We grow into our eyes...
~Before you lock 21, lifes moves so slow...
~After 21, you wonder all the time went...
~Our ears and nose NEVER stop growing....hehehehe.
~Human brain is 80% water...go figure...
~Manchester United is the best footbal team ever...
~Ants don't sleep???...awww.
~Girls really don't know what they want...yup
~Guys are really
~I've gained 7 pounds....woohoooo!!!
~The older you get, the more childish you become..60 year old men are truly babies...
~Lies have some ounce of truth to them and vice versa...


Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm broadcasting live from under my covers. My room is sooooo cozy. Whats the point of a sexy room without the sexing...hisssss.

So, theres a Gents vs Ladies fight happening on No one wants to admit the other is right.

My take on relationships is, both men and women have power over each other. Women have the greatest power but they just don't know it. They under-use their strength and let love take over...As my friend Lolly would say,..."Ko ni da fun iya Love".


As it is unethical for a girl to make the first move (in my opinion), the bobo has to toast us first then we gel and start spooning there after. If guys don't toast us, we are screwed, therefore, they have the upper-hand at the beginning stages. It's left for them to make a lasting impression.
(1 point to the gentlemen. Ladies, you have to bring your A-game)


Babe either says, "well, dude. You're not too shabby yourself you know. Although you're vertically challenged, you do know how to make me laugh...*insert fake cute laugh*. That is on a good day, but on a not so good day, Babe gives the guy esho and tells him she wouldn't date him if he was the last frog in the swamp. It's all about choices. Choice = Power.

(1 point for the ladies. U brought your game. Used your skills wisely and allowed yourself to be caught by the fisherman)


So, the babe has dude and he's putty in her hands. Anything she wants, "Girl, your wish is my command". But first things first, I want to have whats under your pants...She's like "Whoa, son you've gotta work for it man".
(2-points for the babes jare...gbagaun!!!)


The man understands the great power the woman possesses over him. He finds himself doing the unthinkable. Cooking her meals, greasing her hair, kissing her feet. He plays dumb for a while as he counters her powers by using all the tricks in the book to get her to fall madly in love with him hence making her powerless. Unknowingly, the babe coos at every sweet something and bitter nothing he tells her. "Where have you been all my life??? I'm gonna make you my first wife".
(The bloody bastards. Another point to the guys)


Babe...after all the free forming and fronting, she finally succumbs to the mans charms. This is what the young ones call "Catching feelings". He sweeps her off her feet and will eventually leave her hanging in the air until she hits the ground hard. Or, if he really really likes her, he catches her before she hits the ground. So, as girl sees that dude is sweet because they "cake" at night, she starts being sweeter. Calls and sends him texts all the time. He reciprocates but just for a while. Then she starts to wonder what went wrong with her perfect gentleman her incoming calls are coming from him no She starts being unsatisfied like "shit, it's Tuesday,...that fool ain't even called me back since Sunday". But what can I say, maybe he's got instant amnesia, maybe he's sick, maybe he fell and broke all his fingers. Unapproved excuses she starts to make for him when the truth is nigga was hanging out with his fellas all weekend. Get over it girl, he has a life outside you. And her solution has again become her problem. Finding her "boo", she abandoned all her friends, no one to turn to.
(minus 3 for the babes...wharrashame)


Girl, whats your P. I spoke to you last week. No I'm not fooling around. I was home watching TV. "Damn this kid is paranoid, she might even be crazy. I ain't messing with her no more. Time to run away". Bobo slowly fades and in no time finds a new girl, while old babe has sworn off men because "they are all dogs". Thinking he's found something different when the truth is girls are all the same. (ahem, for the most part sha). So his new boo is even crazier, chops his money, shows him pepper, and he's confused. He's misses dialing his old boo's number and doesn't know what to do. He braves up and gives her a ring, she ignores the first few calls and eventually listens to what he has to say. He begs and pleads and buys her gifts. Calls her often to see how she's doing. Damn, nothing is working

(loser ni eh men...minus 2 for you)


The trick that works for all "worthy" men when they start acting up is to......Deny him of all attention and special treatments. Ignore his ass ladies. Be mean to him. Not hurtful just mean like, over when you're on the phone and tell him you'll call him back and then DON'T. Don't appear too available. Don't give him many options. Pencil him into your schedule. Call him back 2 days after and cancel. Forget his important events. Even if you do show up, be fashionably late just like any other bonz babe. Appear to be having maddd fun without him even though you're secretly dying and wishing he was with you when those horny kids at the club start displaying affection publicly. It's good to keep some secrets to yourself. It's also good to have a good balance in a relationship. Some might say you're playing games. Yes it's true, but it's like trying to reason with a 4 year old. They never understand and would rather do things their own way although they are wrong and can hurt themselves. Woman must not live by man alone. In summary, GET A LIFE. But just when he thinks theres no getting through to you....Bam!!!...Hit him with a cute text after you live the club at 4 in the morning. And when he calls the next day,...(trust me... he will), act like kini big deal...Hahaha. Works every time.

(Girlfriend, gba 5 points. You've worked hard for it)


Now guys.... I feel bad that it has come to this. The babe that once declared that she'd rather be single than marry any other man has totally moved on. Well, we can fix it. I can't tell you the secret. It has a everything to do with the revised "Girls honor code" of 2009 but I'll tell you this, If she really loved you and still does, she'll eventually come around. BUT....don't be flakey men. You've got to work hard and keep at it FOREVER!!! Yup, even when she's old and gray, you have to keep pleasing her so she doesn't nag and complain and frustrate your life. She's not asking for much. She just wants the attention she deserves. She wants the pretty flowers that have no scent whatsoever. You've never understood the essence of flowers. You never understood Pythagoreans theorem either but you did the math because you had to in order to survive didn't you? So buy her the damn flowers you idiot. And if she's a romantic and likes poems, but you don't have a poetic bone in your spine, that's why hallmark created cards with words so you don't have to stress your brain. Pick up some chocolates with that. You'll probably get some nookie for the very simple, yet thoughtful gesture. Ultimate rule. Never comeback from a trip empty handed. Like, u dey crase? Ask my father, he'll explain to you in
(You've been a good boy-6 points for you too)

Now lets add ur points up
Boys: 1+1-2+5=Five Girls: 1+2-3+6=Six
Actual numbers depend on circumstance and if we go on, no one ever wins so it's best we stop trying to outsmart each other and live together in peace.

Ladies, from the get-go,
1). abeg show the bobo your true colors. If you're retarded, let him decide from the beginning if he loves you enough to deal with your kolomentality. Anything otherwise is pretentious.
2). Understand that men don't always like what we like and you can't force them to. No, they don't want to go shopping for hours and no they don't want to watch the chik flicks and no they don't want to have "the talk" when football is on. Once in a while, cut him some slack if he says no.
3). Avoid confrontation. As long as he's a good guy and he loves and cares for you, bear with him while you're courting because when you get married, theres no escaping it. He has to speak to you everyday and put up with your madness till death do you part....buhuhuhahahahaha.
4). Let him crave your attention. Make him want to you more. Be Ms. Independent. Don't put your all into your relationship. It's the truth though it hurts.
5). Flirt, flirt, flirt...let him no you still have game and can get the next guy that comes your way. The jealousy will drive him nuts.
6). Be the life of the party. You don't need him hanging around through the night. Dance with him occasionally, flirt with him, steal kisses here and there but dance with other people too...Bonkers.
7). Don't always be at his beck and call. If he's hungry, describe to him how to cook noodles over the phone, but cook for him sometimes so he knows that you do know how to cook :-)
8). I can't stress this enough. It's kind of complicated but Don't always be available. If you had plans and he calls you up, DO NOT CANCEL unless it's really urgent. You can always see him later on but be sure that you're doing more good than harm before you tell him no. Then show up at his door hours

Guys, you do the same from the start. Don't go all flip mode on her after being prince charming for so long. Just be real. Someone will love u for u..and don't get lazy. Keep the loving fresh with time (ladies, you too)...Yessur...Sexy sturvins. Oblige 70% of the time. Yes, SEVENTY pacent. Think deeply as to what is going on in her mid. It's the sweetest gesture you could ever ask for. She wants to include you in her life. Loves being around you and wants to share most things with you. If you don't see how lucky you are and stop taking her sweetness for granted then you don't deserve her. But you will regret it in future, because isn't that how our mothers are? And I know you want a woman like yo mama.

I could go on...Maybe i should write a book. But I'll leave you with this...Love from within wholeheartedly. Love freely and not accordingly....from my heart to yours.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Choco Covers

There is a koko drought in the world. Why are there more women than men ehn? I here camp is where it is at o. So all those that are trying to escape taking dumps in polythene bags, I suggest you rethink. Endless possibilities of meeting beautiful Men. One more week and Lent will be over....One more week. Seems like yesterday when I started this uncertain journey of fasting&praying&givingupMisterPB&beingasholyaspossible. We thank God,.... I just got a restock of Garri and G.nut. Things are looking up :-)

For your information: Chelsea is going to be playing against Aston Villa on the 24th of July in Baltimore MD.

...............Modern day fairy tales should go a little something like............

Princess: To be honest, your honesty confuses me most certainly.
Misterella: My honesty is simple, the truth releases me.
Princess: You frowned when I shuddered at the words you said
Misterella: You shuddered when I asked to put you to bed.
I'm sure you expect much from a Man of my Caliber.
Princess: But I only just met you 3nights and there after...
Misterella: 3nights and there after, not what I'm used to.
I usually get lucky after a night or two.
Princess: Your such a pig,...Misterella or whatever.
Misterella: Nothing wrong with pigs,... or a Frog would you rather?!?!

............................what a fairy tale..........................

About to head out to watch "The Knowing". I'm expecting the worst from such a movie title. Hmmm...I'll stick it out. It's bound to be better than "He's just not that into you".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm picking things out of a hat here so it's really watever.

I've not really cared much for Justin Timbz ever since d Superbowl incident and d way he punked out and lef JJ hanging...hiss...stewpid boy. I really hope someone revoked his BlackCard for looks like it was just suspended tho being that he has\d a track with Timbaland and Rihanna long after.

So FB is a blessing and a curse...I found two of my primary school friends today, sent them messages but I'm not sure they'll remember That'll be plain sad if they don't sha cos I've been looking for their butts everywhere. On the curse side, I saw a younger girl I know in a photo album and I was *sigh*, quite disappointed in both the girl and the guys that took pictures of her acting a fool. A whole album of her dancing crazy with the guys...she looked a hott mess... Like really??? At her age, I could NEVER have been caught dead in such a compromising situation with boys I obviously don't know that well. Makes me wanna slap a kid I tell ya.

2 weeks and 2 days until the end of lent...I'm stoked but I keep telling myself So, I'm undecidedly unprepared to be anyones girlfriend anytime soon for any reason other than me actually being ready to be a full time girlfriend. Maybe I'm selfish... Yes, it is I, the hopeless romantic that speaks these words, but some songs just make me want to grab that brother and kiss him till he's breathless....Every 3 days sha, so it doesn't get blah. For instance, video below.

Sexxyy huh!!! Yeah mayne. And then the India Arie song "He heals Me". I thought spring was the season for allergies and bright colors, so what's up with all the Lovey dovey mombo jombo. Cupid must be passing the bug early this year.

Back to more serious issues jare. I'm out of garri o...Help me...My bottle of groundnut is just chilling on the table. People have attempted to steal but I guess they were afraid of choking on the nuts so they voluntarily returned it...lmao...The powers I possess.

Bucket List
1). Grow dreadlocs
2). Learn to speak a sexy language...Specifically French
3). Go to all 7 continents.
4). Play an instrument.
5). =^.^=
6). Elope
7). Write a book
8). Make all my family members extraordinarily happy. Like Bugatti or Aston Martin type happy or maybe just a grand baby for my mommy.
9). Go on a no-limit shopping spree, feel guilty about it then
10). Adopt someone in need
11). Design my future crib
12). Errrr....
13). Make something out of clay at a Pottery shop
14). Watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford
15). Throw a BIG party for me
16). Throw a surprise party for my Love :->
17). Go to the sites of Seven Wonders....including the New Seven wonders.
18). Go skinny dipping
19). Rock on stage with a band
20). Go on a helicopter ride
21). Go on a cruise
22). Rio De Janeiro carnival mayne
23). Create a soundtrack of my life
24). Take up photography
25). Create an extraordinary painting
26). Get in a water fight & food fight
27). Help deliver a baby???
28). Buy a horse
29). Make out/U know what in random places...speaking of which, na wa for this whole kissing under a mistletoe thingy. I've always wanted to do it but they no get for Naija.
30). Pass on an heirloom to my pickin.
31). Keep working on bucketlist cos I can't think of anything else

Can I just say that I really love the PgUp, Pgdown, Home, End and CTRL+F functions. Genius.
As usual, my weekend has started. Movie marathon tonight.

There is too much hatred in the world, girls stop beefing each other jor. I love all babes..No Homo. And I aint gonna fight anyone for any reason. Even that stewpid kid that keeps running her smelly mouth about me. I mean, I don't love her at all at all o, but no beef.
Whatever it is, Lets all just squash it the way guys do mayne. Just like a Boy....One luv


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm not ashamed either...

Ok, you all have to pardon the shameless self plug but when I get my two minutes of fame, it really tickles me and makes me all cozy inside. So, here i'll be providing you guys with 3 links to see who and who is wearing or talking about Az'ure. hehehehehe.

First link is by Bobby Taylor. She is simply wonderful, this lady. Check out her interview with Ladybrille where she gave Az'ure a shout out...

Can you say superwoman aka Bobby Taylor, the President of Bobby Taylor PR consulting. She represents clients like M.I so you know she's a bigger deal. Speaking of M.I, I'm still shocked at you B' Please, jam Anoti all day everyday...that song makes me do 60mph on 45..let the Popo's catch me...I'll play the song for them and they'll understand...

Sorry, ehen back to the other links jare.

So if you haven't heard of Four Kornerz, you're dulling jorrrr...They are a band of 4 brothers, very talented kats. They are a Gospel music group and guess what, they rep Az'ure too. (It's a FB video so hopefully you can watch it) Vidal who is the Drummer boy of the group is spotted interviewing Yolanda Brown in his Yellow Az'ure Polo...

Ok, so since i just happened to mention Yolanda Brown, I'm going to have to give her some recognition. The story to how I never got to see her play live last summer in England still upsets me so I'm not going to go into it or think about it ever again (yeah right) in...***arrrghhhh***


When I hear saxophone, I think "Baba 70 aka Fela Kuti".
...but this babe is a Saxophonist. She makes playing a manly instrument sexy. She's great at it too. She won thew MOBO awards in 2008 (congratulations missy)...And she seems like a pleasant and genuinely nice person. I hope to have that impression on people someday when I calm my a** down...hehehehe. But go to her site and listen to her songs, you won't regret it if you like jazz/soul/GOOD music :-)
You can also search for her on youtube...she has several videos of popular songs like "Lost without you...Ahhhh...Bliss mehn...Pure Bliss...I could go on, but I have to wrap up this here post.

Here we go again, by the little Ms Freestyler, NYJA...
So, she decide to do a gbono feli feli track just like M.I did...
ok, mister incredible's name needs to stop popping up in this post, but yeah...
At the end of the song, Az'ure was heard...if you like, I can tell you the actually time to look out no, listen to the track by clicking on Az'ure and you'll hear it.

End of Selfless Plug.
Tell yo mama, brother, sister, father, enemies and friends to represent Naija and stop buying Ralph Lauren jor...Az'ure is the new cool Polo. Step into your sexy if you haven't already ;-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so wat...

***at the end of every sentence, fix in the question..."and so what?"...totally random, I***

So I'm listening to this song by Jenny Hudson...If this isn't in..*sigh*
I feel deepness coming...readers beware. I've finally purchased my India Arie CD. She's speaking to me again's not my fault when I start going all poetically wrong on you guys :-)

But anyway, Hi my darlings...How has your week been so far? Wednesday is like my Friday because I don't really have to go to school on the other 2 days but asper I'm supposed to be a responsible Graduate student, I go sometimes.

In my, here lying next to me.
It couldn't have been but I remember it clearly.
White walls...Silk sheets... I tried breathing slowly cover up the sounds as my heart skipped beats

If ceilings could hear and walls could see
they would know from my looks that I have missed you faithfully
your touch, your tease, soft voice... tender lips
I cherished every moment, kiss by kiss

and then blah blah can't really tell how these things go. I'll finish it some other time. I'll leave it to u guys to imagine the rest :-)

I need new male friends in my life...the old ones are still lurr them tho.
I like boys too much...they're just hott. Especially the ones with nice hands. *sigh*...
"don't ruin this with words boy, let your hands do the talking"
Uhm, that dint come out right. But yeah, have u ever noticed the sexy way guys gesture when trying to get you to follow them mentally and physically??? Or is it just me.
Well, next time, pay attention. U'll see what i mean, cos I can't explain it but it's close to breath

I'm off to scavenge some food. We're out of garri...what shall I eat at this odd hour of the night?

Peace out Blogville.