Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hullo...I haven't watched any movies of recent so no reviews today...Sorry.
Anywhoooo...*sigh* I'm sure some ppl think I'm little Miss perfect and I don't have issues, but boy do I have my own problems. Like, the hell... I don't put my shit on others so why do they feel the need to do me such an unwanted favour...hiss...

So, only three people in my class are graduating on Saturday. I knew I wasn't going to graduate with my class cos of the devils sister that tried to get me depressed so I dint feel too bad until I found out a friend of mine was also not graduating because of his thesis. It's a longer story for him and his is even worse but..whatever...the annoying part is when people don't know how to shut up n try to rub it in your face. Na wa o.

I'm cleaning out my closet...not figuratively but literally. I've got too much junk mehn. So many clothes that have not seen the light of day since 2007. Definitely giving them out to good will. So many boxes too...sheesh. They are all going bye bye by the end of the week.

So what do rich folk do during their spare time? They go on flights to the edge of space...ZERO GRAVITY. So, i might do that in the future when i grow some seems a bit scary , u know.

My homeboy thinks Azure should set up shop. I totally agree u know, but I'm clueless on how to. I've read it up a few times on selling your products to big stores but's a long tin.

Up MAN UTD!!!...hehehe. We're going all the way this season. God give us the support to win. May the soul of the Arsenal fan that killed himself after the ManU-Ars game rest in peace o...Which one now? Why so serious???

My new "friend" is a Chelsea fan...Gosh, can't I ever like boys that are Red devils?

India is performing in NC today..Somehow, I dint hear about this until last night. Tried to buy tickets but they're sold out :-( I'm so sad...It wasn't meant to be bah?...Bull sheit..I want a ticket NOW!!!

I have to make a call on Tuesday although I just feel the need to send a text and say i tried to call but no luck. I wonder when it came down to this *shakes head*...Watever.

Ok, going back to clean my room now. I was missing y'all so i decided to come say wussup so...WHAZZAAAPPP!!!!


RocNaija said...

Which 'India'? India Arie?? Dang!

I always say if I haven't worn you in six months.. You belong with the Salvation Army.. Better yet ebay..

You should consider settin up shop..
Might not be as hard as you think..

Miss Az`ure said...

Yes boss..India
Yes o...salvation army here i come.

And thanks. I'll look into selling to stored some more.