Monday, May 04, 2009


Abeg...MI is worth all d noise m8. I'm just finally listening to his Illegal Music album. "What 2 Do" has been on repeat for days. Ah ahn... bobo yen gbono sir (that dude is hott boss)!!! I'm using my DJ headphones to listen to the track just to appreciate the full effect. It's messy.
..."If you gonna leave me, leave me. But Free me easy, Please Be... Gentle, Sentimental, pencil written notes essential, Preferential..."
Enough more to say...I no fit talk.

I love the free therapy i get from blogging. It'd have been much berra if was anonymous sha...hehehe. That way I could ask questions like..."If people are evil and since they have spirits, those that make them evil spirits? If yea, then that means my uncles wife is an evil spirit???...LMAO!!!

My brother just said "Love you" to me...hmmmm...Pigs are definitely flying tonight boy. Or that knuckle head is getting old and emotional on me.

The new Az'ure designs are out. Thanks to my brilliant and supportive friends, i think this is the best sturvz i've done in my life.

Baba God has my back mehn. So my peeps was like, "Oi, go n find cribs for rent in the Queens town before we touch down. We'll be there for a week...and I was like "yea? Sure boss". So, For the past month, I've been dedicatedly looking for flats o. And I've pulled out all my dreadlocks because of it. No legit person rents out flats for a week apparently. On craigslist, Holiday rentals range from 150 GBP to 500GBP...PER NIGHT...hahahahaha...What a laugh. Then forget the yahoo yahoo guys that were telling me I have to do bank transfer....laff.
As in those guys are so dumb. Those fools are so lazy that they have the same wordings for all their emails. Peeps this o.



We are glad to inform you that the apartment is still available for the period you requested.

We offer it for £43 per night, all tax and utilities are included. We also charge a security deposit of £180

You requested for 28 nights and the total price including security deposit is £1,384

We do accept payment through Bank Transfer. Please do get back to us as soon as possible to reconfirm your interest so that we can send you our Terms and Condtions

Best Regards

Anthony Williams

Such an idiot...and then I had three other messages just like dat but with different email addys. *shakes head* this one must be an unsmart swindler.

I called all d agencys and asked if they had flats for a week and they wuz like,
"Where u fink u are? We only do one month and over bruv" I said "ok now, one month please how mush...? They told me d price and I was weak....I refused to tell my parents I'd found a place. Chei...Can I just be a billionaire quick so I can understand what it's like to just say "Give me the best place you've got" instead of " Give me the cheapest price you've got" Anyway, $2 phone card later, my mum called to say a friend is giving them his keys so I can relax. Thank God sha, cos I would've been very upset if my father had to pay that much money when he can give it to me ;-)

Congratulations to me pleax...I wrote my last exam for the rest of my life today. I aced it sha. I missed one point cos I dint stick to my gut. I wrote Alzheimers disease instead of Antihypertensive disease. I knew it started with A but the 'anti' totally jeered me off...hissss. But yes o, more written exams EVER!!! I told popsie and he said "You still have to do PhD"....I was like Pardon???...Chill now boss. PhD ko, PhDizzy ni...Abegi jor.

Ok, I don't know when I became a movie junkie sef but please go and see the "Wolverine" joint if you haven't already. The first time ever I sat to read the credits hoping part two would start immediately after.


RocNaija said...

Awww. congrats Miss A!!

Your new range looks like a good look!

You do know you can open a new blog.. Under a new pseudo.. Allowing you discuss all things 'spiritual'

Is it fair to assume the otheremails you got were from anthonywilliams02 & anthonywilliams03.. :-D

Miss Az`ure said...

Lol...actually, the other was I wonder why he chose to use '01'...dumbass.
Thanks Roc. D new Line gives a very Dapper look. Thats all I've been wearing for the past two weeks.

Opening a new blog? It's long now, but if I really have to rant and bitch freely, I'll be forced to, but I hope it never comes to that. OMgoodness...wat if my crushes read my blog!!!

Buttercup said...

Congratulations dude! Kai, I wish I were in ur shoes..

Dont worry, once ur hot new line hits the streets, u'll be able to ask for ANYFREAKINGTHING! :D

Good luck finding a flat for a week.. I know how difficult it cud be.

These scammers just crack me the hell up!

Oh yea, open an anonymous blog! Please! :D

Good luck with the next phase o..