Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Man of my Fantasy- Josephine Silla

Burriful Video...Spread it like a
Please show my sister some love. She deserves it after all the dedication, hard work plus her voice is beautiful. Keep doing you Jojo...Much Luv...LP

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Currently Feelin Like...

Watcha drinking?
Rum or whiskey?
Now won'tcha have a
Double with me?

I'm sorry I'm a little late
I got your message by the way
I'm calling in sick today
So let's go out for old time's sake

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

We were mischievious
And you were always wearing black
I was so serious
You know my boyfriend's mother
Nearly had a heart attack

I'm sorry I'm a little late
You know the stripes on a tiger
Are hard to change

I know this world feels
Like an empty stage
I wouldn't change a thing
So glad you're back again

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

I'll never forget you
At times we couldn't shake it
You're my joy
Always remember me

We just got swallowed up
You know I didn't forget you
We just got swallowed up

Well, we just got swallowed up
But you love that I didn't forget you
We just got swallowed up
By the whole damn world

Watcha thinking?
Did you miss me?
I borrowed your silver boots
Now if you'd just let me
Give them back to you

I'll never forget you
They said we'd never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

I'll never forget you
Although at times we couldn't shake it
You're my joy
Always remember me

Don't you know that you're my joy
Always remember me
Don't you know that you're my joy
Always remember me

Song by the Noisettes: Never Forget You

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dog Days are Over

Peace, Love and Harmony...Speaking Of Harmony...Fayomz. Shout out to u babes.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Night

Theres a lot in my head that I want to get out but I can't and slowing I'm suppressing...yet again. I might have to go see a shrink. Shaaaa.............. Hiya. Nothing going on here. I'm bored. Haven't turned on my tv in weeks because I only watch CHARMED on Back to school. Went on a road trip to the A this past weekend. It was lavly. I surprised the girls as But that trick is getting old jor. I no do surprise again.

***Errrrr...Red Lipstick, green shoes, fly bottom, beef stew. ***

Since I can't be with the one Nigerian bobo that always made me hot ;-) I'm going to marry someone of a different race. And maybe even relocate to his endz. At this point, every other naij guy after him doesn't count, and I don't want to put anyone thru that...thats between u and me only o...dont tell anyone else my plan..hehehehe. But one day again, I'll talk about love, u dig!!! Would you want to be 17 again???..I think in the next 3 years, that answer would be yes. I guess this means I have to seriosuly cherish my youth...*sigh*

***tonights gonna be a good night***

My hurr is'a'growin. It's beginning to disturb my face. 8 months and going strong. Only now, I feel the need to wash it more. I should just get silk sheets so I dont have to bother with scarves.
Did i ever tell u about my Venice dream?

My mummy, my daddy, my bro's... :-) No one like you.

Drive thru's, 24 hr grocery stores, online shopping, Malls, Drug stores, Only expected rush hour traffic, the whack african parties, my space, no strings attached, Jboy, constant light, no vampire mosquitoes, abuse of my sense of security and freedom....Just a few of the things I will miss about my 2nd home :-(

***Beware of Cancer***

(-: (-: (-: Eba, dodo, yam, SUYA :-) :-) :-)

For the love of passion, not money, but if your joy brings you both then you're one lucky bastard.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Natural High

Anticipation is a very tricky feeling. I need to put it up in LingLand '_'

Working on an Az'ure Light Up Nigeria project. I find myself going back and forth on my tabs. Refreshing my emails to see if great news or even good enough news awaits. It's such a bad habit. I need to chill. I need a drink, but I have a cold so all I can drink is tea :-(
At least I know Progress is 60 more % before completion

Why do people, mostly men take a woman's strength for doggedness? They are so threatened by our tenacity that they try to make us believe that it is not usual; improper if you may to be strong-willed. Well, you can kiss my skinny behind. Deal with it or go jump in front of a speeding BMW.

"I have developed the act to keep creeping thoughts lingering on the edge of my mind. They, Far enough to remain harmless, are quite light and unable to penetrate the core of my senses. Denying them previously granted access. You are him and you are you...and them,... It's all very similar. Forgive me if I misjudge you but I know no other way to be familiar. We'll play the game of cat and mouse... or dog, which ever personality you are more drawn to. I'll tell a ruse and you as I forecast, will make your eyes shrink like "certainly confused". So predictable."

**So are we really uping the prices for our mamas clothes by calling them vintage?....Lol. Yah, ask the next person who cares cos I ain't buying if it costs that much.**

*sniffle sniff sniffles*

Why think about someone when they don't you? Why call someone when they can't be asked to call you? Beats me o. We need to learn to Stop making excuses for others dispassion. Stop caring about what they think or what you think they think, because no matter how much we try to dream up scenarios for them, we always get it wrong. We deserve what we get based on what we give, I believe.

I am not Ordinary. I am unexpectedly phenomenal. What I do next should not shock you but give you the courage to be free indefinitely. So much to do and see Naturally. I assimilate it clearly. You should too. Don't be restricted to the four walls of institutions. Be out in the fields, underwater or the sidewalk fulfilling your passion rather than smoking joints, shooting up and getting high unnaturally, artificially, like the pretentious world we live in.

Some get off from being In Love :-)
"It was a different kind of high for me. Caught in moments when the Earths gravity gave way causing us to float with our feet still on soil."

Some get off from their creativity ;-)
"I knew this was my destiny after my fifth ever compliment. I was five and the end results always came naturally"

I will wait for no man to give me clarity. I have the feat of the Almighty. Have control over your Heart. Have control over you Mind. Have Control Over your Body....This is what God said to me...
...Welcome to my life World.
This is my destiny