Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm picking things out of a hat here so it's really watever.

I've not really cared much for Justin Timbz ever since d Superbowl incident and d way he punked out and lef JJ hanging...hiss...stewpid boy. I really hope someone revoked his BlackCard for looks like it was just suspended tho being that he has\d a track with Timbaland and Rihanna long after.

So FB is a blessing and a curse...I found two of my primary school friends today, sent them messages but I'm not sure they'll remember That'll be plain sad if they don't sha cos I've been looking for their butts everywhere. On the curse side, I saw a younger girl I know in a photo album and I was *sigh*, quite disappointed in both the girl and the guys that took pictures of her acting a fool. A whole album of her dancing crazy with the guys...she looked a hott mess... Like really??? At her age, I could NEVER have been caught dead in such a compromising situation with boys I obviously don't know that well. Makes me wanna slap a kid I tell ya.

2 weeks and 2 days until the end of lent...I'm stoked but I keep telling myself So, I'm undecidedly unprepared to be anyones girlfriend anytime soon for any reason other than me actually being ready to be a full time girlfriend. Maybe I'm selfish... Yes, it is I, the hopeless romantic that speaks these words, but some songs just make me want to grab that brother and kiss him till he's breathless....Every 3 days sha, so it doesn't get blah. For instance, video below.

Sexxyy huh!!! Yeah mayne. And then the India Arie song "He heals Me". I thought spring was the season for allergies and bright colors, so what's up with all the Lovey dovey mombo jombo. Cupid must be passing the bug early this year.

Back to more serious issues jare. I'm out of garri o...Help me...My bottle of groundnut is just chilling on the table. People have attempted to steal but I guess they were afraid of choking on the nuts so they voluntarily returned it...lmao...The powers I possess.

Bucket List
1). Grow dreadlocs
2). Learn to speak a sexy language...Specifically French
3). Go to all 7 continents.
4). Play an instrument.
5). =^.^=
6). Elope
7). Write a book
8). Make all my family members extraordinarily happy. Like Bugatti or Aston Martin type happy or maybe just a grand baby for my mommy.
9). Go on a no-limit shopping spree, feel guilty about it then
10). Adopt someone in need
11). Design my future crib
12). Errrr....
13). Make something out of clay at a Pottery shop
14). Watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford
15). Throw a BIG party for me
16). Throw a surprise party for my Love :->
17). Go to the sites of Seven Wonders....including the New Seven wonders.
18). Go skinny dipping
19). Rock on stage with a band
20). Go on a helicopter ride
21). Go on a cruise
22). Rio De Janeiro carnival mayne
23). Create a soundtrack of my life
24). Take up photography
25). Create an extraordinary painting
26). Get in a water fight & food fight
27). Help deliver a baby???
28). Buy a horse
29). Make out/U know what in random places...speaking of which, na wa for this whole kissing under a mistletoe thingy. I've always wanted to do it but they no get for Naija.
30). Pass on an heirloom to my pickin.
31). Keep working on bucketlist cos I can't think of anything else

Can I just say that I really love the PgUp, Pgdown, Home, End and CTRL+F functions. Genius.
As usual, my weekend has started. Movie marathon tonight.

There is too much hatred in the world, girls stop beefing each other jor. I love all babes..No Homo. And I aint gonna fight anyone for any reason. Even that stewpid kid that keeps running her smelly mouth about me. I mean, I don't love her at all at all o, but no beef.
Whatever it is, Lets all just squash it the way guys do mayne. Just like a Boy....One luv


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm not ashamed either...

Ok, you all have to pardon the shameless self plug but when I get my two minutes of fame, it really tickles me and makes me all cozy inside. So, here i'll be providing you guys with 3 links to see who and who is wearing or talking about Az'ure. hehehehehe.

First link is by Bobby Taylor. She is simply wonderful, this lady. Check out her interview with Ladybrille where she gave Az'ure a shout out...

Can you say superwoman aka Bobby Taylor, the President of Bobby Taylor PR consulting. She represents clients like M.I so you know she's a bigger deal. Speaking of M.I, I'm still shocked at you B' Please, jam Anoti all day everyday...that song makes me do 60mph on 45..let the Popo's catch me...I'll play the song for them and they'll understand...

Sorry, ehen back to the other links jare.

So if you haven't heard of Four Kornerz, you're dulling jorrrr...They are a band of 4 brothers, very talented kats. They are a Gospel music group and guess what, they rep Az'ure too. (It's a FB video so hopefully you can watch it) Vidal who is the Drummer boy of the group is spotted interviewing Yolanda Brown in his Yellow Az'ure Polo...

Ok, so since i just happened to mention Yolanda Brown, I'm going to have to give her some recognition. The story to how I never got to see her play live last summer in England still upsets me so I'm not going to go into it or think about it ever again (yeah right) in...***arrrghhhh***


When I hear saxophone, I think "Baba 70 aka Fela Kuti".
...but this babe is a Saxophonist. She makes playing a manly instrument sexy. She's great at it too. She won thew MOBO awards in 2008 (congratulations missy)...And she seems like a pleasant and genuinely nice person. I hope to have that impression on people someday when I calm my a** down...hehehehe. But go to her site and listen to her songs, you won't regret it if you like jazz/soul/GOOD music :-)
You can also search for her on youtube...she has several videos of popular songs like "Lost without you...Ahhhh...Bliss mehn...Pure Bliss...I could go on, but I have to wrap up this here post.

Here we go again, by the little Ms Freestyler, NYJA...
So, she decide to do a gbono feli feli track just like M.I did...
ok, mister incredible's name needs to stop popping up in this post, but yeah...
At the end of the song, Az'ure was heard...if you like, I can tell you the actually time to look out no, listen to the track by clicking on Az'ure and you'll hear it.

End of Selfless Plug.
Tell yo mama, brother, sister, father, enemies and friends to represent Naija and stop buying Ralph Lauren jor...Az'ure is the new cool Polo. Step into your sexy if you haven't already ;-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so wat...

***at the end of every sentence, fix in the question..."and so what?"...totally random, I***

So I'm listening to this song by Jenny Hudson...If this isn't in..*sigh*
I feel deepness coming...readers beware. I've finally purchased my India Arie CD. She's speaking to me again's not my fault when I start going all poetically wrong on you guys :-)

But anyway, Hi my darlings...How has your week been so far? Wednesday is like my Friday because I don't really have to go to school on the other 2 days but asper I'm supposed to be a responsible Graduate student, I go sometimes.

In my, here lying next to me.
It couldn't have been but I remember it clearly.
White walls...Silk sheets... I tried breathing slowly cover up the sounds as my heart skipped beats

If ceilings could hear and walls could see
they would know from my looks that I have missed you faithfully
your touch, your tease, soft voice... tender lips
I cherished every moment, kiss by kiss

and then blah blah can't really tell how these things go. I'll finish it some other time. I'll leave it to u guys to imagine the rest :-)

I need new male friends in my life...the old ones are still lurr them tho.
I like boys too much...they're just hott. Especially the ones with nice hands. *sigh*...
"don't ruin this with words boy, let your hands do the talking"
Uhm, that dint come out right. But yeah, have u ever noticed the sexy way guys gesture when trying to get you to follow them mentally and physically??? Or is it just me.
Well, next time, pay attention. U'll see what i mean, cos I can't explain it but it's close to breath

I'm off to scavenge some food. We're out of garri...what shall I eat at this odd hour of the night?

Peace out Blogville.

Monday, March 16, 2009

BLame it on the Rain

I'm slowly changing...
I don't want to.
I want to be freely 'me' around you.
Stand back and observe
And not do as you do.
Cos if I do, then I won't be 'me' you see!

You are you and nothing more.
My ways are different and you abhor
Deem me crazy, but lovely still.
You love to hate my side of true will.

Confusing yet, she's one in many
Born with wit and split personalities.
Hard to compare to your best kiss
If you leave, you'll be sure to regret it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm prepping for my birthday next year y'

Your girl is going to be 25 in 2010.
I've not really had a major all out parry. I had my sixteenth which was popping, I had my 10th on my and thats it really. For some reason, my papa n mama dint throw a big bash for my 1st birthday, I believe they waited until my 2nd so the trend has kind of followed me down the line. I'm not one for hosting big parties but next year is special mayne. Most of my friends are going to clock the big TwoFive. I'm writing down my playlist already for Mr. DJ.
Blame it on the Alcohol is definitely going to be the n.o5 track...that videos just inspires me...hehehe. It's going to be live so you might want to get at me for guest list and things. But it's still far tho. When it's close by, I'll remind you.

Location: Las Gidi. Venue: Undecided
Date: Still undecided. This is because we (the girls) might be throwing one BIG bash or 5 separate bashes.
Time: From Friday to Sunday

More in 2010-S.A for World cup. I have to start preparing for that cos I'm sure hotel rates will be sky high. I have to be in in S.A sha...I just gorra :-)

I'm picking up 2 languages. Hausa and French
I know most of the greetings and numbers in Hausa.
Kana Lafiya? (How are you?)
Ina lafiya, Na gode! (I'm fine, thank you)
Easy stuff. But I want to be able to hold a proper conversation. Sigh...I will get there sha.
French, I might just have to enroll for classes. I remember the little stuff from primary and J.S.S.1 But it's just sexy being able to speak a different language.

My Red'D's lost 4-1 to liverpool today. Four ONe??? Shett...I slept through the match but Momsie woke me up and reminded me to watch d game and it was already too late then. I'm surprisingly not upset. I would've been though if I saw it first hand. But FB statuses are going See Non liverpoool fans running their mouth at us. When u're big, the whole world hates on you. Manchester United for life jere.

Spring break was fun fun fun. It was great being in the same room with my real friends. Gambling/free alcohol in the Casino...See Arab money o...chei. God is in control. I will get there one day.

I want to be a serial dater. Just hang out and date with no Love attached. Thats very easy for me bocs I don't easily fall. I've only Loved once and thats enough to last me the next 6 years...hehe. Check out this video of The Dream and Mariah...cute ;-)

It's been 2 weeks. I'm doing good. Haven't spoken to you :-)
I love this independence. I know if I start thinking too deep, it'll be hard not to dial your number. I almost did by accident the other day. Let me stop o...I feel an urge coming on.

It's been raining all weekend.

Sai an Jima!!! (Goodbye)