Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so wat...

***at the end of every sentence, fix in the question..."and so what?"...totally random, I***

So I'm listening to this song by Jenny Hudson...If this isn't in..*sigh*
I feel deepness coming...readers beware. I've finally purchased my India Arie CD. She's speaking to me again's not my fault when I start going all poetically wrong on you guys :-)

But anyway, Hi my darlings...How has your week been so far? Wednesday is like my Friday because I don't really have to go to school on the other 2 days but asper I'm supposed to be a responsible Graduate student, I go sometimes.

In my, here lying next to me.
It couldn't have been but I remember it clearly.
White walls...Silk sheets... I tried breathing slowly cover up the sounds as my heart skipped beats

If ceilings could hear and walls could see
they would know from my looks that I have missed you faithfully
your touch, your tease, soft voice... tender lips
I cherished every moment, kiss by kiss

and then blah blah can't really tell how these things go. I'll finish it some other time. I'll leave it to u guys to imagine the rest :-)

I need new male friends in my life...the old ones are still lurr them tho.
I like boys too much...they're just hott. Especially the ones with nice hands. *sigh*...
"don't ruin this with words boy, let your hands do the talking"
Uhm, that dint come out right. But yeah, have u ever noticed the sexy way guys gesture when trying to get you to follow them mentally and physically??? Or is it just me.
Well, next time, pay attention. U'll see what i mean, cos I can't explain it but it's close to breath

I'm off to scavenge some food. We're out of garri...what shall I eat at this odd hour of the night?

Peace out Blogville.


RocNaija said...

First time here...

Just when I think I've seen all to be seen in blogville.. a new but old face pops up..

I so luv India Arie.. funny that.. considering I'm not a Jill Scott fan..

Haven't heard her new one though..

Any good..?

RocNaija said...

OK so I just added you to my blogroll..

The chances that I'll be back just increased significantly..

Buttercup said...

lololol u this babe!

i love the u were inspired by jennifer or was it india??

Buttercup said...

Gosh, i miss garri! Shit..

Miss Az`ure said...

Hi RocNaija...yeah, I'm one of d quiet bloggers. Hidden treasure in blogville if u may...hehehe. Thanks for d blogroll add. I'm not too hot on Jill Scott either...dunno why... I guess we can't like them all. Not to say that she's not good...she's brilliant. I'll give her my time someday. But India India India...fantastimondo. Theres the song "Rise"...*sigh* it gives me chills. She compares God to the River. Deep. U should lsiten to the album mayne..."Long goodbye is also good.

Miss Az`ure said...

Bcup,...I don't even know. I guess it's both of them...but i really did have that We were in Venice, me and I swear my mind plays tricks on me.
No garri in ur hood?

Buttercup said...

hehehe..i see! when will lent be over sef??

no garri in my hood o..i have to go some major distance to get it..mscheew