Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm prepping for my birthday next year y'

Your girl is going to be 25 in 2010.
I've not really had a major all out parry. I had my sixteenth which was popping, I had my 10th on my and thats it really. For some reason, my papa n mama dint throw a big bash for my 1st birthday, I believe they waited until my 2nd so the trend has kind of followed me down the line. I'm not one for hosting big parties but next year is special mayne. Most of my friends are going to clock the big TwoFive. I'm writing down my playlist already for Mr. DJ.
Blame it on the Alcohol is definitely going to be the n.o5 track...that videos just inspires me...hehehe. It's going to be live so you might want to get at me for guest list and things. But it's still far tho. When it's close by, I'll remind you.

Location: Las Gidi. Venue: Undecided
Date: Still undecided. This is because we (the girls) might be throwing one BIG bash or 5 separate bashes.
Time: From Friday to Sunday

More in 2010-S.A for World cup. I have to start preparing for that cos I'm sure hotel rates will be sky high. I have to be in in S.A sha...I just gorra :-)

I'm picking up 2 languages. Hausa and French
I know most of the greetings and numbers in Hausa.
Kana Lafiya? (How are you?)
Ina lafiya, Na gode! (I'm fine, thank you)
Easy stuff. But I want to be able to hold a proper conversation. Sigh...I will get there sha.
French, I might just have to enroll for classes. I remember the little stuff from primary and J.S.S.1 But it's just sexy being able to speak a different language.

My Red'D's lost 4-1 to liverpool today. Four ONe??? Shett...I slept through the match but Momsie woke me up and reminded me to watch d game and it was already too late then. I'm surprisingly not upset. I would've been though if I saw it first hand. But FB statuses are going See Non liverpoool fans running their mouth at us. When u're big, the whole world hates on you. Manchester United for life jere.

Spring break was fun fun fun. It was great being in the same room with my real friends. Gambling/free alcohol in the Casino...See Arab money o...chei. God is in control. I will get there one day.

I want to be a serial dater. Just hang out and date with no Love attached. Thats very easy for me bocs I don't easily fall. I've only Loved once and thats enough to last me the next 6 years...hehe. Check out this video of The Dream and Mariah...cute ;-)

It's been 2 weeks. I'm doing good. Haven't spoken to you :-)
I love this independence. I know if I start thinking too deep, it'll be hard not to dial your number. I almost did by accident the other day. Let me stop o...I feel an urge coming on.

It's been raining all weekend.

Sai an Jima!!! (Goodbye)


Buttercup said...

lol @ u already preparing for ur birthday! i gats to be there mehn!

yes o, u must come to sure its gon be crazy!!! i cant wait to see Cristiano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know right! i mean, what kind of loss was that??????? im blaming it on vidic and evra! mscheeeew!

awww i really commend u on ur lent sacrfice!

Miss Az`ure said...

Yes's party I'll hit u up with details when the time is near.
I'll most def be in S.A. I hear game tickets are mad tho. Liverpool is going crazy this season nau...I'm still shocked.

Thanks lady...the refrain has been good for me! I feel superhuman :-)