Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Before Easter

What is it with old people bringing up mess from the wa o...hmmm. It's been 3million years...let it go and let it die...sheeeshh!!

Anyway jor...It's Lent, I'm not allowed to smoke, drink, have sex, or curse...I dont do half of the things on d list so it was kinda hard to come up with a self denial for baba God for the season. You know how I said I was going to stay away from my addiction?..Well, PB has me sprung but he doesn't know it. Well, he kinda knows it now though cos I told him I had to give up something I really really really like for 40days. And I chose him,... my Momsie thot that was harsh and asked that I msg him from time to time at least...Hmmm...Nah mehn, babes are going cold turkey on this one...hehehehe.
40 virtual kisses and One I Love you later, I'm actually doing fine. It's been a day, and I've not felt the need to talk to him. Except for tonight cos I have one ghen ghen gist for him abt one somborrry that has started again

Anyway bloggers...pls lets try to get closer to God ehn. I'm trying to grow as a Chirstian so I employ you all to join in on this journey. It will be gr8, I know.

Read Mathew 6: 1-6, 16-21. Teaches us that we need to be humble about certain things in regards to being Christians.

I'm off to bed...I think I should chop b4 i hit this very springy bed. I discovered one deli joint close to my house. Their hot panini's are wicked...Boyyyyy...I'm about to get broke from eating there constantly. I'll overdo it and then get sick of it but until then,...I'll enjoy every bite .

Vindicat...Lol...when I play that ur NEPA tune, I just laff out loud. Jokes m8. Ooo...I watched Seven Pounds o...Buttercup or was it Unwritten that recommended it. Very lovely film. Happy-go-Lucky was nice too...not everyone will like it but it made me laff and happy. Nights in Rodanthe...sad, in these days, in order to make their point, writers just kill off main characters like I dont need that mayne. I also saw errr...Not easily broken. Now with that movie, I worry that a lot of marriages end up being sour. I pray my marriage will remain lively FOREVER...I have to marry a joker o..not all these serious guys that don't get my sweet humor.
I was praying for my unborn kids yesterday and I decided that whenever they or their daddy, (my beautiful future husband) get back home, I'll greet them with a big sincere smile and a big fat smooch....all five of them. I want a verrrryyy happy home filled with laughter and joy. And my house will always be filled with people. My friends and their kids and spouses, my cousins and their families, my brothers and their kids and spouses, Papi and Nana (my, my beautiful husbands family and friends....Ahhhh....My house will be the joint.

I'll have a secret section where I can go and hide when I need to as well cos there will be days when I get in touch with my feminine side and start PMS'ing ;-)

Congrats to my Pilot friend whose wife just pushed out an 8 pound baby boy. Bigs ups to you wifey mayne...ko easy. I give you sone credit for the gr8 swimmers you have....lmao.

nitey nite guys.


Olówó said...

I've been thinking of what to give up for lent and I'm thinking of cutting down excesses in my life across the board. I guess lent is a great time to draw closer to God

Buttercup said... up a guy for 40 days..that takes some serious DEDICATION mayn..good luck!

yay u watched it! i dont think i wanna see any sad movie in the near future..ok, im recommending another movie - the pink panther 2!

how u dey sha??

Miss Pearse said...

Olowo: Yes's a very humbling period for me. It's like my very own new year resolution :-)

BCup: I'm fine It's God that gave me d guy so I can give him up for God anytime...I guess thats d point I'm to drive him and myself.

I'll watch PP2 cos of u..been avoiding it cos it looks like forced humor. Not in d mood for that. I'm watching Miss Conception now tho..It's alright..nothing ghen ghen.


Happy Lent!

Miss Az`ure said...

Thank u ma'am! I wish u the same.