Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...In the Spirit of Valentine

...Yes, the dreaded day is approaching but I'm not going to be one to hate...No, no. As a matter of fact, this is going to be a very loving post. Errr...i have writters block tho. I could have sworn I had something relevant to say, but I can't seem to remember...Hmmm...O well. So much for a loving post...hehehe

So how d heck are ya today ey? Me, I'm pretty great.

Sometime, about two years ago, I was caught up in a sci-fi period where everyone I looked at was showing some form of affection to their partner. I know this is common place in London but in yankee, we spend most of our commuting time on the high way, so we don't get to see a lot of PDA (Public display of Affection). But this very day, there was traffic and it seemed i was stuck on the road with lovers. To my left, man kissing woman, and my right, boy kissing girl. Even kids were kissing their parents Very funky day that was. Maybe cupid was on overdrive that night.

My hair, my hair, my lovely hair...hmmm...this Loc thing is really a test of patience mayne. As in, if I paraventure try to make the hair look cultivated, na lie o. The hair will start to unravel. I just found out I have curly hair like daddy. This is no good for me at this stage in my life. I need the african side of the hair to surface and LOC...FAST!!!!.....arrrgggggghhhhhh!!!

So, i started a post about boys and girls and never got to finish it. But i will definitely post it before the end of March. The post is complicated. I'm still doing some research and the things I'm finding out are hella Huh?..."shoot me in my right toe" kind of shocking. But i have to twist it up so as not to reveal the real characters of this madness ; )

anywho...I've been considering moving to the north so I can find the type of brothers that I fantasize about. The type of brothers that have soul and are eclectic and fun and deep and mellow all at the same time...and...and...*sigh*. I'd prefer if he were a drummer or guitarist. No lead singers tho, cos those ones will use every opportunity they get to master their vocals. That could get very annoying. A drummer might be my best option bcos he can't just whip out his drums and begin to serenade me on the But it'd be so hot to go to a show and see him perform on stage and have all the girls drooling over him, but he'll be all mine...ha! I actually met a guy that drums in London last summer. He's one of the coolest guys I've ever met I tell you. Just need to find me one of those in America ; )

Ok, i don't know what is in the air o, but all my friends have been acting funkylicious. My room mate has been crying since last weekend. Every movie she watched that had sad scenes brought her to tears. As in, this babe is always forming hard chik, her nickname is even Queen B and yet, she cried watching "the secret life of bee's and The family that preys"...huh??? It's either she's pregnant or she's on steroids. And then Poodles own is unbelievable,...this negro has been performing some homo moves like getting all mushy and listening to soapy songs and spamming my FB with links to soapy videos...lmao. I think "she is ready for love" no more hard babe...lmao. Shiiiiiiiiiii...Love is not home, check back l8r.

I must confess I've shocked myself a number of times this year. I think that trip to Lagos did something to me. I'm back to being a nice gangster. I've rebuilt my walls unlike Beyonce whose walls are tumbling down in 'Halo'...Aspa, I'm gangster in the sense that I don't say mushy stuff but I'm nice when it comes to Idiots that deserve to be pricked with a knife. As in, some people take the piss sha. But their crap somehow never gets to me. I don't take life so seriously, and neither do i take people that take life so seriously Only if people could live their lives so freely. I would now like to be known as the Master Ignorer (MI). Thats the key to my peace of mind...ignore, ignore, ignore,....If someone curses you out with a loud speaker, act like your left brain missed it and be like..."what? could you repeat that, I wasn't paying attention" It's been working gr8 for me.

So, normally, the stores are all loving and sweet and RED with gifts and flowers and cards, but this year the valentine hype is a bit chilled. I was dreading going to the store yesterday, but it wasn't as bad as I had inmagined... guess it's the recession that caused that ey? And I hear it's going to snow this weekend. So you lovers are going to be snowed in. Hmmm...can u say baby boom...hehehehehe

This post is really not going or coming so I'm going to bed...or maybe watch a movie before bed. I really want to watch slumdog millionaire but I don't want to got to the cinema. I'm going to wait till it gets to Red Box. If i'm inspired to blog about love, I will...but the fire is just not lighting up in hurr : )

I dedicate this not so loving post to My Chocolate High, PB. India Arie must have read the post were I spoke about you being my only possible addiction ; )
Love you babe, and all your other personalities!!!

Peace n Love and more Peace in the world!

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Buttercup said...

Lol..for some reason, those soulish, eclectic types scare me..i hope u find ur drummer boy!

Lol @ ur friend..on the real tho, 'the secret life of bees' was quite tear-jerking..not as tear-jerking as '7 pounds' sha, have u seen that one?

Im also the type the ignores and it has worked quite well for me so far..altho some peeps just need to be taught a lesson or two!