Friday, January 30, 2009

Now you know so back off!!!

Ok, so I was tagged by Lolly. She wrote a note on face book "25things about Me". I'm not going to post on FB but will do more than 25 on here instead....How confused am I?

Feel fr33 to be tagged o...I don't tag cos i hate being tagged.

1). I HATE SCHOOL!!!...I like learning but I hate the pressures that come with it. Tests, exams, homework, presentations. I know, I'm lazy...hehehe.

2). I got my science degree(s) for my parents. I think most of us did. My first choice was to become an Architect because I Loved to draw but my mother shut down that dream She wanted me to be a doctor (Medical or Pharmacist) but she settled for a Masters in Pharmaceutical Science hence my hatred for school.

3). I want to live in different parts of the world. My Top thr33 places are South Africa, Paris and London (without the cold)....we'll see.

4). I'm going to have my hommies Georgey and LB on my bridal train....They are guys.

5). Lolly, Omot, Poodle, Bubbles, Gizzle, Gwi, Ure...I hold these beautiful women in the highest of regards. I will do any/everything I possibly can to make these ladies smile everyday...I'm very protective of them. If you mess with them, you mess with me easy!!! Love you guys...No Homo!!!

??). I have this bad habit of staring at people (guys mostly) and I dress them up in my head. Like what shade of blue will fit this foine goi if he rocks Az'ure polo. Thats really how I get ideas on new huh? And now that I've told you my fashion secret, go and start your own clothing line...the more the merrier.

6). When i reach that point in my life, I want to have twins then two more. I wish there was never a last But I can't keep popping babies you I'll settle for 4 beautiful ones.

7). I don't know how to save money. I only save towards making valid purchases like my Alpha 100...hehehe. I think thats very bad sha and I need to change otherwise, those 4 little rascals above will not school abroad.

8). You know how people rein act movies and stories?...well, I rein act lyrics I hear in random songs. I always apply songs/lyrics to my situation. It gets me in trouble though, because as you know, most songs are either about Loving or breaking up so...sometimes I get carried away...lmao.

9). I have a high gag factor. I can't brush my teeth in the same sink at the same time with anyone. I could easily puke. I can't brush in nasty places either. Like when I was in boarding house for extension classes and we baffed (bathed) outside, I could only brush with my eyes

??). I'm not a morning person. I don't like to talk or eat until I brush my teeth. Momsie hates that I nod when she speaks to me in the

10). I'm terrified of jumping the broom.......hmmmm.... part of it is because 90% of people get married for the wrong reasons. Like getting married is in style. They don't take their vows seriously so I say, to heck with marriage...Lets just co-exist faithfully in the same house and have each others babies and stay together until 'ddup'.

11). I have alcho-low-towlo... It fluctuates tho. Sometimes, I can drink shots of JD and be alright, but then I can drink thr33 bottles of Heineken and be I haven't mastered the chemistry of drinking yet.

12). I don't know how to drink after eating. Very bad habit.

??). My voice is deep over the phone...Not husky (I wish), just deep. My mama always insults me about this but guess what, everyone says I sound just like ur face
And I also speak in a low tone when on the phone. Everyone complains about this. I just tell them my phone is bad thats why they can't hear me : )

13). I don't like too much stew on my rice. I'm ok with one spoon.

14). I don't like fish but I'll eat it if it's fresh... just like my pops.

??). Sometimes I stammer when i try to explain stuff. I dont know if it's stammering or i just don't think before I talk (I've been told I do this too) so I dont articulate This is a newly developed trait tho, because I once used to be known as a very well spoken

15). I'm just like my pops. We have so much in common. He's very generous...I try. He shuts people out for good when they really piss him off, but you have to have over pushed him....Me too. He doesn't know how to apologize so instead he lets you know he's sorry by doing sweet He's such a baby. I don't remember apologizing seriously to anyone. Maybe because I'm hardly at fault, but I will say sorry if I mess up. When babe and I had arguments, He'd say he was sorry (he's good at and I'd say I was sorry too just so he didn't feel too bad for messing I'm so

16). I'm partly multi dexterous. I can write with my left hand but I'm still working on the

17). I don't have a favorite song...there are just too many to choose from. My favorite movie though is 'Sweet November'. I also really Love traditional/ethnic based movies like Totsi, Hotel Rwanda, The Constant Gardner, The Namesake. Blood diamond was aiight...I watched Hotel Rwanda countless times mehn....luvs it.

18). I make it a point to let the people in my life know that I appreciate them and I over-try not to take them for granted because that's one thing we humans are good at. We treat strangers better than we do family sometimes, and I wonder why...It's not like those people will be there for us through the rough times. We think our family and friends will always be there so we more often than not reduce the value of their relationship. If you are reading this and you do that mess...STOP IT NOW!!!!

19) I talk to my mum at least 5 times a week. She's my hommie for real. I try teaching her the new slangs but she's too razz I can go through anything just to make her happy cos she deserves it.

20). My brothers and I are like triplets. Theres really no seniority in my house. Taiwo goes almost everywhere I go. Kehinde is married so he doesn't follow us out that Our favorite superheros are the Ninja Turtles. We memorized the whole "The Secret of The Ooze" movie when we were kids. We can recite the movie

21). I'm a very light sleeper and my ears are sharp. I can't sleep when there are whispering sounds around. Like if the T.V is in the next room, I have to turn it off before I can go to bed cos it sounds like whispers in my I'm ok with regular sounds tho cos I can sleep with music and the t.v on.

22). I have no known addictions. I let go of things when I want to. As much as I love Greys Anatomy, I haven't really watched it this season. I might be addict3d to a particualr gentleman though, but I'll conduct a study a see if I have any withdrawal symptoms from not speaking to him for long....this should be interesting or dangerous...I'll let you guys know the outcome...lmao.

23). I'm tend to be very calm in extreme situations. Like when thieves almost raided our crib (thank God for my dogs o), Kehinde and I made everyone chill out until they left. Taiwo was sweating bullets...lmao.

24). I don't like overly posh people. They make me very uncomfortable. I love people that are down to earth and don't treat lower class people like dirt. Rich kids (most) need to be schooled on how to treat the help for real. They like forming too much.
I'd rather be eating Nnkobi (sp?)and drinking beer at 'Water Front' with my real people than sipping on Chardonnay at 'Ocean View' with the other crew.
Chei,...i no fit hang they cross my leg and sip my drink like say I no dey chop eba with hand...freeee that one o. No time for smeh smeh!!!

25). I love my dogs to the bone. I honestly love them more than I do most people. Theres all this sincerity about them. They don't lie, they don't cheat, they are very sweet and when they do mess up, they have this cuteness in their eyes that I forgive them instantly...hehehe.

26). I wish I grew up, well went through university in Nigeria. I sometimes regret spending the later part of my teenage years in yankee. I wanted to be a lag babe too you know...Awon bigz ghelz on the campuses...jennifa..lmao. Vindi...Oussshhhh!!!

??). I have this guy friend, I Love his heart although we grew apart. The chances of him seeing this are One to 928, but "I'm Sorry' you're always on a sisters mind...minimum of 5 tim3s a day...I wonder if you feel the say way...I think this means "En Suki Maro"

27). O yeah, my words sometimes come out as rhymes..
This, when it does, happens unconsciously so people don't take me seriously. (See, i did it again). And they think I'm stealing lines from maybe a book of rhymes...hmm...lemme stop.

As a matter of fact, let me conclude this sturvz as it is getting very longing. Mo gbo no feli feli...your lyrics is smelly smelly...M.I...madd sturvingz yo.

Will be back with more of my madness.


vindication through innocence said...

lol @ ouuuusssshhhh!!! THat film is killa...I have soooo many Yoruba (britico) friends who are trying to brainwash me but I stay true to my humble roots!
Lol @ being a lagos babe!! joker!!

I feel you on the 'pop champagne' society- I went out to see some friends in the city- met some overly fine stuvvs...(will blog about larrer) and we went for dinner- can you imagine I got standard fish and chips for £25!!??? All these investment bankers dey craze! Thats why I dont really mix too much with them! And before we went there, I asked Investment Banker 1 'I hope we arent going to a place where we get 5 pieces of chips for £10' as a joke...true true, I got there and thats what I got!! Chicks were pissed!!
and BTW, your list is like 30 not 25!

Miss Pearse said...

Awhelllna!!! So you it was 5 pounds for the fish&chips and then an extra 20 bucks for the location....hehehehe...dats sucks. As a Gbogbo bgiz ghelzzz, you do have to hang with the "campaign champagne" people sometimes...for trips or networking. Either way it's always

The list was 25 but then i kept remembering more stuff so I cheated just a

Gbogbo bgiz ghelzzz!!!

Buttercup said...

lmao!!!! u r quite an interesting one..i wudnt have minded if u went all the way to

LP said...

Lol...I'm glad you liked it Buttercup. I'll consider posting more about me later in the blog year.


lol that was good. Me too I wanted to go to Lag and then eventually get an apartment with my cousins in VI.

It never happened. =)

How now?

Miss Pearse said...

Lol..gr8 minds...Yea, sucks it never happened tho.
I'm doing gr8 tho. I think it's going to be a fabulous year.

Lulu said...

Wow...I luff are very interesting..maybe cos I don't know you..I'm sure your friends are like..durrh! Already knew that.

Miss Pearse said...

Thanx Lulu...don't worry, I keep my friends wonering about me. They know most of these things about me, but I still shock myself and the Nice to meet you.