Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Started Yesterday

Strange day Yesterday!!!
Slept at 4:00am because I was bored and decided to wash and retwist my Locs....madness!
Rang mama up right after because it was her birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY babes.
Rang poster boy up and he softened my sleep.
The weather was wasn't cold
Went to school and ran my experiments...success!
Went to class and it started to blow...the wind must have been going at a thousand km's per hr.
The rain stopped and I went to get dinner.
The chinese place was jam packed like they were giving out free food. Their windows were shattered due to the crazy storm of earlier and their head chef was defintely upset about something because he kept shouting in chinese.
It took them 40 minutes to make my food o...And guess what i ordered Spare-ribs and...wait for it,..."white rice:...not even fried rice o....boiled rice.

I finally got home and my baby was waiting for me. I walked in the door and his smile warmed my heart. He left what he was doing and climbed the chair to give me a kiss and I gave him a hug and everything was alright.
He almost said a complete sentence yesterday...He picked up my phone because he thought it was my I-touch and then he said" Lola, play music"..and I was like huh!?!?!?!...Baby, what did you say? and he said "play music". I was so proud. Jobz can talk.
And then we have a new song. I made the mistake of showing him how to push buttons on the microwave and i couldn't get him to stop, and when I opened the microwave door he went"...woooooo" And then i started singing,..."Come and see American wonder" remember that song right?....and we were dancing to it and his daddy was embarassed..lmao. And his daddy told him if he breaks the microwave, he'll have to live in my house FOREVER and he replied "OWKAY" was so adorable. I'm going to miss Jobz when I move back to gidi. *sigh*

So part of my convo with poster boy was about women cooking for men.....Hmmm.... His friends girlfriend was making them lunch and he said "you know you'll be cooking for me too"...and I was like pardon?
See, i don't have a problem cooking for my husband and kids....I'm supposed to cook for US, I agree...but I have a problem when guys we fancy or are dating think we HAVE to cook for them everytime.... like it's our birth right. Why can't it just be me cooking because we all have to eat or him cooking because I'm tired and hungry and not in the mood to cook. Abi, are we still stuck in the times where the man is the bread winner and the women takes care of the home. That African mentality sha.

I let him know that I'm not the typical old-school Nigerian girl. I'm very different. I have to find a definition for myself but I'm unpredictable. This time last year, I had straight permed hair which he loves, but now, I'm growing'll just have to get over it. He almost passed out when he saw my low cut...lmao. Dreads are frowned upon by most people and we are really misjudge. A friend of mine said locs were dirty and I was not shocked because that was the same thing my mother told me back when i wanted to loc my hair 5 years ago. But that is very untrue. Locs can be cool and sexy when groomed and not done the rastafari way. I actually wash my hair more than I did with the perm in.

You know what bothers me though?...I noticed that you hardly find Nigerian girls with natural/unpermed hair these days. I was the only girl crazy enough to rock a mini "Micheal Jackson FRO" in Lagos this Christmas. I know I'm sounding like African-Americans when I say this but,...why are we so ashamed to embrace our culture? We do everything we see on t.v from the lacefront-weave-on to the big ass indian weaves. I've never been a fan of waeves and i never will be...I don't know why I just hate them. I've never worn a wig and I hope I will never have to. Chei, as in, upon the heat in Lagos, see babes rocking the biggest fake hair you've ever seen. Just go through your friends pics on FB and you'll see what I'm taking about. At least we've started embracing our own Music. M.I, Banky, D'Banj, Tu-Face, MP...very wicked songs are out now. I can hook you up if you want any. My favorite happens to be FOKASIBE, the razzest song on the planet...lmao...My cousins thought me some head movement that you do when the fokasibe part comes on"...hilarious.
I really pray we teach our childrens generation to embrace our culture though. My mum permed my hair when I was 6 or so, and looknig back at the old pictures, my hair must have really broken off because I had a massive afro. So, I'm going to teach my kids that it's ok to have nappy roots and they don't have to put chemicals in their hair to soften the frizz unless the want Ok, ok, ...let me stop being so African. To each man his own. If you want to rock the Nap, go-head gurl. If you like it Flat-you go-head to.

So, I've been thinking,...After i deliver my parents with "their" masters degree, I'll go back to school and do what I reallllllly want to...Photography, graphics, fashion..something along those lines.

I want to give a big shout out to Gov. Fashola, the biggest guy. There were so many times that I had to ask if i was really in Lagos this xmas. 60% of the city has changed. Obviously, it's mostly the Island but I hope the tax payers money eventually gets to the mainland and ghetto areas of Lagos. The Christmas lightings were spectacular and the roads were so clean. I didn't hear of one crime/armed robbery that went down which is an absolute first and a good shocker.
I'm proud to be a full blooded Lagosian and I pledge to Nigeria my country...I will be moving back sooner than you think...maybe this year?'ll according to the new Lagos slogan..."Eko o ni ba'je"!!!



vindication through innocence said...

Dude!! OMG- Never relaxed my hurr in ma lyfe- I tried weave a about 3 times but I always feel like a clone!! I got a fro and I luff hit!!
Yeah- I saw pics of Lag- Fash-sho sho is doing a good job...I pray God continues to work through him to better the lives on 9jas!!

Miss Pearse said...

Amen o...Nigeria is going to be tres bonz...i can feel it.
Are u f'real...u r a natty too...thats wussup mayne.
lol@feeling like a clone.
I'll try it just for kicks one day......nahhhhhhh!!!!

Buttercup said...

u r on point o..i think my hair was way healthier in its nappy state! sucks that u'd have to start all over again studying what u want..

i remember them decorations on the island when i went home, was really impressed..but sooooo much still has to be done for the mainland sha..

and who's poster boy? ur boyfriend?

the baby sounds so cute!

LP said...

as for starting skool's actually a good thing. That way, all my 'mothers' will get off my back about marriage.....sheesh!!!

Who's Poster boy o...Hmmm...If I tell you, I'll have to charge you in cowries ; )
Lets just say he's a very good friend.

Trust me, d baby is TOO CUTE!!!