Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm not ashamed either...

Ok, you all have to pardon the shameless self plug but when I get my two minutes of fame, it really tickles me and makes me all cozy inside. So, here i'll be providing you guys with 3 links to see who and who is wearing or talking about Az'ure. hehehehehe.

First link is by Bobby Taylor. She is simply wonderful, this lady. Check out her interview with Ladybrille where she gave Az'ure a shout out...

Can you say superwoman aka Bobby Taylor, the President of Bobby Taylor PR consulting. She represents clients like M.I so you know she's a bigger deal. Speaking of M.I, I'm still shocked at you B' Please, jam Anoti all day everyday...that song makes me do 60mph on 45..let the Popo's catch me...I'll play the song for them and they'll understand...

Sorry, ehen back to the other links jare.

So if you haven't heard of Four Kornerz, you're dulling jorrrr...They are a band of 4 brothers, very talented kats. They are a Gospel music group and guess what, they rep Az'ure too. (It's a FB video so hopefully you can watch it) Vidal who is the Drummer boy of the group is spotted interviewing Yolanda Brown in his Yellow Az'ure Polo...

Ok, so since i just happened to mention Yolanda Brown, I'm going to have to give her some recognition. The story to how I never got to see her play live last summer in England still upsets me so I'm not going to go into it or think about it ever again (yeah right) in...***arrrghhhh***


When I hear saxophone, I think "Baba 70 aka Fela Kuti".
...but this babe is a Saxophonist. She makes playing a manly instrument sexy. She's great at it too. She won thew MOBO awards in 2008 (congratulations missy)...And she seems like a pleasant and genuinely nice person. I hope to have that impression on people someday when I calm my a** down...hehehehe. But go to her site and listen to her songs, you won't regret it if you like jazz/soul/GOOD music :-)
You can also search for her on youtube...she has several videos of popular songs like "Lost without you...Ahhhh...Bliss mehn...Pure Bliss...I could go on, but I have to wrap up this here post.

Here we go again, by the little Ms Freestyler, NYJA...
So, she decide to do a gbono feli feli track just like M.I did...
ok, mister incredible's name needs to stop popping up in this post, but yeah...
At the end of the song, Az'ure was heard...if you like, I can tell you the actually time to look out no, listen to the track by clicking on Az'ure and you'll hear it.

End of Selfless Plug.
Tell yo mama, brother, sister, father, enemies and friends to represent Naija and stop buying Ralph Lauren jor...Az'ure is the new cool Polo. Step into your sexy if you haven't already ;-)


RocNaija said...

lol @ selfless plug..
Nice one

Buttercup said...

hold up..u have a clothing line???? aww good for u!!!

i dunno what is up with google, the links arent opening, some google error thing just pops up..mscheew

ohhh i love anoti and teaser! :D please, free me jo, at least i've finally discovered him..hehe

i wish i cud play an istrument..i wanna learn the violin..not manly, i

i'll come back to check the links when google starts behaving itself..


Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

ok, so i just checked ur website, babe, im really impressed and proud of u!!!

Miss Az`ure said...

Hi Rocnaija :-)...wouldn't u do d same?

B'cup...I have no musical I own a guitar but I need lessons. Can play some melodies sha.

Get ur violin sturvings together I can claim I knew when u's never too

U did?...awww...And thank u :-)

SouLBoutiQue said...

Miss P, u have a blog? And I didn't know!!! Our friendship is offically over! What almost 6 yrs down the drain!!! And yes I am trying to stop buying Ralph but it is hard. But you know I rep SB, and will soon rep Agama and Az'ure too! Gotta add u to my bloglist. Love ya

Miss Az`ure said... nau? We're bigger than dat No one knows I have a blog until they stumble upon it....u get me?!!!
I don't like Ralph sha...I hate rough fabric and their Polos are as ruff n stiff as dey come...kini big deal? I feel u babes...we should all hook up for real...CALLING ALL DESIGNERS and have like a major bash/fashion show/soul parry...Looking forward to repping SB..We're still on for the Easter Exchange.

Tiwa said...

hey first time on here but i like already cuz you like MI and four kornerz..i've mentioned them various times on my blog
will check out your website..x

Miss Az`ure said...

I guess we have good taste in Men,... I mean Music ;-)
Thanks for coming through!!!

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