Monday, March 16, 2009

BLame it on the Rain

I'm slowly changing...
I don't want to.
I want to be freely 'me' around you.
Stand back and observe
And not do as you do.
Cos if I do, then I won't be 'me' you see!

You are you and nothing more.
My ways are different and you abhor
Deem me crazy, but lovely still.
You love to hate my side of true will.

Confusing yet, she's one in many
Born with wit and split personalities.
Hard to compare to your best kiss
If you leave, you'll be sure to regret it.



I'm poetically challenged, but is this for 'someone'?

Anyway, hope all is well.

Buttercup said... u write too???

Miss Az`ure said...

SD...I refuse to accept u as being Poetically It's in u somewhere, u just have to whip it out...U can do it :-)

B'cup..Me darl, yes yes I do. But this is crap tho. I don't know why i posted I'll post something better soon.

Oh, and this was just random based on issues in my past. All is presently well SD...thank u :-)

Dabizniz said...

nice post... thanks for your comment on my old post..Haven't seen your comments there before.

Miss Az`ure said...

Yeah @Dabizniz...I wasn't even going to comment but damn...U made me do U're welcome tho...thanks for stopping by.