Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm picking things out of a hat here so it's really watever.

I've not really cared much for Justin Timbz ever since d Superbowl incident and d way he punked out and lef JJ hanging...hiss...stewpid boy. I really hope someone revoked his BlackCard for looks like it was just suspended tho being that he has\d a track with Timbaland and Rihanna long after.

So FB is a blessing and a curse...I found two of my primary school friends today, sent them messages but I'm not sure they'll remember That'll be plain sad if they don't sha cos I've been looking for their butts everywhere. On the curse side, I saw a younger girl I know in a photo album and I was *sigh*, quite disappointed in both the girl and the guys that took pictures of her acting a fool. A whole album of her dancing crazy with the guys...she looked a hott mess... Like really??? At her age, I could NEVER have been caught dead in such a compromising situation with boys I obviously don't know that well. Makes me wanna slap a kid I tell ya.

2 weeks and 2 days until the end of lent...I'm stoked but I keep telling myself So, I'm undecidedly unprepared to be anyones girlfriend anytime soon for any reason other than me actually being ready to be a full time girlfriend. Maybe I'm selfish... Yes, it is I, the hopeless romantic that speaks these words, but some songs just make me want to grab that brother and kiss him till he's breathless....Every 3 days sha, so it doesn't get blah. For instance, video below.

Sexxyy huh!!! Yeah mayne. And then the India Arie song "He heals Me". I thought spring was the season for allergies and bright colors, so what's up with all the Lovey dovey mombo jombo. Cupid must be passing the bug early this year.

Back to more serious issues jare. I'm out of garri o...Help me...My bottle of groundnut is just chilling on the table. People have attempted to steal but I guess they were afraid of choking on the nuts so they voluntarily returned it...lmao...The powers I possess.

Bucket List
1). Grow dreadlocs
2). Learn to speak a sexy language...Specifically French
3). Go to all 7 continents.
4). Play an instrument.
5). =^.^=
6). Elope
7). Write a book
8). Make all my family members extraordinarily happy. Like Bugatti or Aston Martin type happy or maybe just a grand baby for my mommy.
9). Go on a no-limit shopping spree, feel guilty about it then
10). Adopt someone in need
11). Design my future crib
12). Errrr....
13). Make something out of clay at a Pottery shop
14). Watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford
15). Throw a BIG party for me
16). Throw a surprise party for my Love :->
17). Go to the sites of Seven Wonders....including the New Seven wonders.
18). Go skinny dipping
19). Rock on stage with a band
20). Go on a helicopter ride
21). Go on a cruise
22). Rio De Janeiro carnival mayne
23). Create a soundtrack of my life
24). Take up photography
25). Create an extraordinary painting
26). Get in a water fight & food fight
27). Help deliver a baby???
28). Buy a horse
29). Make out/U know what in random places...speaking of which, na wa for this whole kissing under a mistletoe thingy. I've always wanted to do it but they no get for Naija.
30). Pass on an heirloom to my pickin.
31). Keep working on bucketlist cos I can't think of anything else

Can I just say that I really love the PgUp, Pgdown, Home, End and CTRL+F functions. Genius.
As usual, my weekend has started. Movie marathon tonight.

There is too much hatred in the world, girls stop beefing each other jor. I love all babes..No Homo. And I aint gonna fight anyone for any reason. Even that stewpid kid that keeps running her smelly mouth about me. I mean, I don't love her at all at all o, but no beef.
Whatever it is, Lets all just squash it the way guys do mayne. Just like a Boy....One luv



Buttercup said... randomness right there..

lol @ ur bucket list..i like tho!!!

as for fb..i don tire for the thing mehn..

how we go do this garri thing now, ehn??

Chari said...

hahahaha....I loved this post for no explicable reason...hehehe...mehn u have inspired me to get down to writing my own bucket list....

Miss Az`ure said...

awww...Look at you two birdies :-)
B'Cup...O-Y-O...on your own babes...Momsie just expressed me some garri+gnut...I shall definitely be soaking is gr8.

Chari, nau? Longtime. Let me just say that I'm proud to have accomplished about 5 things on that list. Get to work man. Enjoy your life.