Friday, April 03, 2009

Choco Covers

There is a koko drought in the world. Why are there more women than men ehn? I here camp is where it is at o. So all those that are trying to escape taking dumps in polythene bags, I suggest you rethink. Endless possibilities of meeting beautiful Men. One more week and Lent will be over....One more week. Seems like yesterday when I started this uncertain journey of fasting&praying&givingupMisterPB&beingasholyaspossible. We thank God,.... I just got a restock of Garri and G.nut. Things are looking up :-)

For your information: Chelsea is going to be playing against Aston Villa on the 24th of July in Baltimore MD.

...............Modern day fairy tales should go a little something like............

Princess: To be honest, your honesty confuses me most certainly.
Misterella: My honesty is simple, the truth releases me.
Princess: You frowned when I shuddered at the words you said
Misterella: You shuddered when I asked to put you to bed.
I'm sure you expect much from a Man of my Caliber.
Princess: But I only just met you 3nights and there after...
Misterella: 3nights and there after, not what I'm used to.
I usually get lucky after a night or two.
Princess: Your such a pig,...Misterella or whatever.
Misterella: Nothing wrong with pigs,... or a Frog would you rather?!?!

............................what a fairy tale..........................

About to head out to watch "The Knowing". I'm expecting the worst from such a movie title. Hmmm...I'll stick it out. It's bound to be better than "He's just not that into you".


RocNaija said...

LOL @ Garri & Gnuts.. Not had that combo in agessssssss!!

Your fairy tale is poetry..
Did you wite it?

A chelsea fan then?

'The knowing' is horror right? and you're comparing it with a romcom... hmmm!

Buttercup said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dude, dont be rubbing in my lack of garri and gnuts in my face na! *sulks*

so r u gonna watch the game??

lol @ the fairytale!

hmmm i still dont wanna serve o..

Miss Az`ure said...

Hey Mr.Roc
Yeh, i wrote it o. I always seem to break down in poetry. Na wa.
Haven't you been paying attention? I'm so not a Chelsea fan...I'm hoping for a beat down, plus I've never been to a game by top European Leaugers.
Nothing wrong with comparing two totally different movies. Bottom line is their both boring ;-)

Hehehehe...B'Cup. So sorry babes. Hellz yeah. Bought my ticket already. Me and 3 other geezers will be up in the stands hoping Chelsea loses.
U berra gear ur mind up for serving. It can't be half bad :-)