Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy for real this time...

Hehehe...I'm BACKKKK!!!
I told u I'd be back and vibrant as ever. For some reason, I want to be in Le'Meridian hotel right this instant....weird. But, anyway...I Love love love my friends and family...I called every one that could possibly cheer me up. The one hommie in London din't pick up but she called me back and gave me some gr8 belly laughs...lmao. *sigh* that was fun and nice. Hehehehe....i'm still on giggles.

side bar***I'm tired of thinking...I'm ready for feeling...but I'm just do I tell him?***end of side bar

Meanwhile, is my blog that boring ehn...No blogger award since I started this biatch in 2000 and gbogboro...a wa nomination sef...can I at least compete for older bloggers association or most boring blog on the planet...Oga But I love the simplicity of things here...very traffic, no drama, no Nepa...Less dedication. But I miss my "computer friend" as SD calls You are now more than my computer-friend...U upgraded me to facebook friend. Vindi...vindi...vindi...Blogging has not been the same since you were whisked away by the fiend of a community called dumdumdum..."Facebook"...U are surely missed in blogville even tho I get to read your Notes on's not the same. *sigh*..another one bites the

On a real tho, Vindi is a real cool lady. She has the most random sense of humor...I think she should try out stand up comedy. I don't know any other babes that are as funny as she is, and she doesn't even try. It's like regular convo for her and then laughs all Keep sharing your laughter my sister...we need it. I was at the studio last night...lmao...Jokes mehn. I love being around people that can give me a good laugh. I'm no musician sha, thats for sure. Ur girl is too timid but I'd be a great producer tho. So, I'm going to be featured in a skit for a Nigerian artist that is making her way to the top. I can't say anything about the skit or who it is until everything is set in stone...but it was bare jokes making was so incoherent, I wonder how it's going to turn out. I wrote a chorus to a song for another I guess all the poetry is paying off ey? Just call me the ghost

I love life..don't even care that tomorrow is *sigh*I'm just happy to be happy and alive and I thank the good Lord for bringing me this far in life. I am content for a 21** year old...My mothers Easter prayer for me was..."You shall marry a great man...followed by a loud Amen. "You shall be Happy and I wish you good health... prosperity is shall live long"...followed by another Amen. And then I got to church and couldn't concentrate the whole time. Her prayer resounded in my head over and over...and I thought to myself...

"Didn't his mother wish this kind of things for him too?...I know she prayed for him to live long...But he's gone now". What went wrong? Still don't know what physically happened to him. But his birthday is almost here...And everytime around his birthday, I get all wonky. I guess thats the reason I was feeling the way I was earlier...*sigh* It's like trying to get through a sealed room with no tools...just your fingernails. I can't reach you..I can't see you...we can't talk...I can't hold you...the things we used to do and say...all fading away...but I will never forget Your smile :-) This day and always. I Love you Deolu :-)

Shout out to B'Cup, SD and RocNaija...I've enrolled you guys in my frequent visitors program. Wait for your freebies in the mail ;-)

Bye my lovelies.

P.s...**real age undisclosed...I know u read my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buttercup said...

lol..glad u r better..

awwwww @ the side the Nike slogan goes, JUST DO IT!

looool ur blog aint boring jo..i hereby give u my own person award! :D

i hope i get to hear this skit u r now a songwriter too, huh? cooooool..

awww u lost someone???(if i understood correctly) really sorry..

lol..i'll be expecting my freebies, dude!

p.s. my momma arrived on sunday with GARRI AND GROUNDNUTS!

in ur face! hehe

Miss Az`ure said...

hehe....B'Cup...just do it sha...i'll tinx abbourit.
And thanks for the personal award ;-)
Apparently o, Me too I'm like Ne-Yo, writing music n stuff. I'll upload the skit whenever i gerrit.
Yea..sadly, I lost a personal pezzin of mine in 2007. I remember him almost everyday. I just miss him, thats all :-)
haha...go momma B'Cup...Thank u 4saving B'Cup from garri&g.nut deficiency.
When d time is right, u'll get ur gift missy.

My World said...

Gr8 post,you and boring are on two different levels...


hahahaha, my compurah friend, bawo ni? lol!!!!

Come on, tell me who the artist is... Does she want an early spotlight at Nigerian Curiosity? I feature artists there and am looking to hype Nigerian female artists. Not enough of them get the shine they need.

Okay... that is all I need for the frequent visitors reward, oh!

ScoopsNija said...

New entertainment blog hits blogsville. Visit for more details. Your support is appreciated. Please add to your blogroll.

Miss Az`ure said...

Thank u much much My World.'m good o. Heres an artist that should be on Nigerian curiosity.
Ok, introducing you to Josephine Silla.,0
I'll give u the other artist once d coast is clear and sails are up ;-)

RocNaija said...

First off.
I'm sorry about your loss..
It's not so recent but it obviously still resonates with you..

Some of the greatest actors and directors never won Oscar awards.. Just because you didn't get that gong doesn't mean you're not noticed or appreciated.. :-D

Roc likes freebies..!
Might just replay the favour too..

Tiwa said...

your blog is definitely not boring...i read your posts but most times i just can't form a coherent comment so i skip. n my oh my u've been here for a long time.9 yrs! phew..u really deserve an oldest blogger award. but trust me awards don't determine the "juicyness" of your blog

n you write songs? you earn tripple cool points for that cuz im kinda an aspiring songwritter..i write loads of songs but i really don't know if theyre any good cuz i never show people.

Miss Az`ure said...

Roc...Thanks. I know rite. Gr8 scientists never get Nobel Prizes until they're dead
Yes Mr. Roc. When d give-away day comes, I'll get ur info. Hope u're happy sha.
Tiwa, thanks Miss Lady. I do d same at ur Yea, I write. I've only completed like 2 songs ever in my life, but I'm sure when it comes down to cash, I'd be a mighty gr8 producer/song writer. I have so much material, dont even know what to do with them. I should start selling those joints men. They dont deserve to remain here in my lappy. Take care darl.

Anonymous said...

FOR REALZZ?? AZZ EENN, EEZZ LYK- I dun know- I am blushing my dia...Lol @ compurra fren!! LOL!! joke ting- ! Wai-rah-mirrit! You are a ghost writer? lol! When I meet someone for the first time (you know how naij peeps are like in Jand with their 'so what do you do for a living?' rubbish) I usually tell them I am an artist! as in rapper...but when they ask me to drop a line I get all defensive and crazy saying 'What do you take me for? a puppet? I am an artist. you not put me on the spot like that- you obviously dont take my creativity and art seriously. How very dare you' lol!! That usually throws em...but it usually backfires whn I realise we have a mutual friend and the guy starts telling them that there is one tall psycho babe who is a!! My friend usually has to reassure them that I am tall but not a psycho and not a rapper- lol!

AWW bless- I remember you writing about someone you lost AGES ago...I dont know if it gets easier - but so long as you continue to be happy as you seem to be,I dont think it will get harder! The way I see it is this- they may not be with you but they can see what youre doing on earth while they are chilling with God up in heaven so you owe it to them to live your life so that when you see them you can gist about all you have done in your life- the achievements, the good people, the children you have with the wonderful God fearing hubby (amen!!) and all the trips that you caught - I always kinda think the ones that have gone to a better place are the ones looking down rooting for you. telling you to push yourself more and go that little bit further- I dunno thats just moi sha...

Im still blushin- in a no homo type of way...

I will update soon but I am just too busy and cos Im always on bookface I just do mah blog durr!


Anonymous said...

I meant 'NOT in a homo type of way-' excuse me- eezz herly- hahaha!