Friday, April 24, 2009


I have finally glued my serious cap to my big head, so therefore, thesis paper is progressing. I have a minimum of 50 pages to produce....HA HA HA HA!!! Jokes on me ey? Well, it wont be half bad once I get all my results cos I sure do have lots. I feel like proper bloggin tonight. Release therapy, you dig?!!! Everyone is out cos it's friday night...and the male Jezebels have started sms'ing me. "What are we doing tonight?"...Errrr...How about you come and type my paper for me while I find more references. Nonsense people. So, Vindi decided to bless us with guest appearance...Awww...thanks sweerie pie. This crust on my bread is rather annoying. He is so predictable. He sends a text every day saying "What's up".......whats up??? Like, don't u feel a tad bit ridiculous asking me what's up everyday??? Mind you, I get charged for receiving text messages o. And yesterday text 1 read "Hey"!!!....I wanted to throw my phone at the next store attendant that came to ask me if I needed help. I didn't reply, and then came text two "whats up"...Arrrrggghhhhh! (*%^$&*%(&@U)#U)U@$)U_)@$_).

So when we grow older, will we all wear Pyjamas? I wear only t-shirts or boy shorts or jumpers to bed, but then momsie and popsie shop for night wear. Hmmm...I seriously doubt I'll be making any of those lingering purchases in the future.

I have a pseudo-problem. I feel like my very good friend has been snatched away by the real world. So I had a crush on this one boy, and Me n 'him' made a pact back in secondary school that we'd get married if we weren't already hooked by 27. Who would have thought that my 'male' buddy would get married before me!!!....Unpredictables of this world just take me by surprise every time. I'm actually very thrilled that he is married with a little boy, but I'm not too happy with the fact that for one, I haven't even met his wife and two, I haven't seen his kid...Not even a picture. And it always seems like I'm the one who tries to keep our friendship going but it dies, and then i try to revive it all the time. I'm done trying now. It hasn't gotten us anywhere thus far. I miss him though and I'll cherish the memories....sush hiz life hinnit!?!?

I want a puppy so bad. This is all LB's fault. He recently adopted a cat and named her Amari. I get to
watch both of them bond via video mail and they r so adorable when they fight. So, yes, I have puppy blues. I want a white west highland terrier. Since my birthday is around the corner and I can't depend on the men in my life to buy me the right gifts at the right time, I might buy myself a little pup :-) My blood vessels feel constricted now that I'm actually considering it. But i know i won't do it. I'm not ready for a long term relationship right now. My heart has been punctured once already and if I knew what a cardiac arrest felt like, I'd have to say having a deflated heart feels much worse.

I watched Marley & Me 2 nights ago...over and over...I cried It had a greater effect on me than Slum dog millionaire. I guess because I relate better to the dog story than to the love story. Bidders beware, when it comes to matters of the heart, LP is emotionally and physically unavailable o. I'd rather be numb sha, than go through that shit again...damn. I near died of a stomach ulcer last year. from d How do you people survive after ending several relationships? I have a crush on two guys and they are both beautiful. Those dudes can never be single although their facebook info states I don't believe everything I see on there but I sure hope that bit is positively true. Thats enough revelation for the night....treasure it o, cos I wont be this open for the next few months :-)

Back to siting references *sigh*
Nite nite my comupter friends. Vindi, B'Cup, SD, Roc and d newest commenter on Life b4 French, Tiwa.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha- Marly and Me or me, that film has nothing on the curious case of benjamin button...I watched it on my way to nige whilst being inbettween two men- older men! Stuck is sardine class...
Anyhow, I cried so much some guy got worried- I cried so much I couldnt even finish the film- Every time I started the film again I would cry like a baby!! I suppose there are some issues I have but anyhow....But if you saw me crying...mucus and everything...I couldnt even stop- please, I dont think I can watch that film near any of my friends...theyll probably get scared that Im crying so much-!!

Mehn- why are you gonna BUY a dog when there are still so many men who come free? Some men are dogs sha...but babes have fire too!! Anyhow, its that stomach ulcer I have been avoiding for a while now- hence no man but one day I will have to take the plunge- Im just riding the single tide now ...but I see a big wave in the distance...

Anyhow sha... just pass along the other one you dont get with out of the burriful guy...

ARGH!! Bumped into some 'cupid gone wrong' dude on saradey- My friend tried to do cupid but she was too too obvious so I as usual clammed up and the guy thought I wasnt interested and that was the end of that one...not awkward anymore cos I dont fancy him...dont know if I actually ever fancied him...

Look out for the note titled Mr Men... on! I might write it on blogger sha...not sure yet...


Miss Az`ure said...

ROTFLMAO...Are u If I watched that movie with u and u were wailing hard, I'd have died of Wat is really wrong Vindi? U can't be crying that hard over a fictional
Mehn, I'd rather have a dog jor. Once they are potty trained, they listen when you want to talk, they like to cuddle with no strings attached and most importantly, the don't talk back. But they are so so adorable...sigh. My dear, avoid that stomach ulcer for as long as u Actually, it's worth it but just effing painfull 'IF' it all comes crashing down. The cliche is true. It's better to have Loved and lost than to never have loved at all. So go for d plunge babes...U can do it :-)

as for d burriful boys...hehehe...I intend to keep the two of them tho but I wont mind giving u d other one ;-)

Lol@ cupid gone wrong...I hate hook ups...too awkward. I'll be on d look out got Mister Men.

RocNaija said...

Ouch! Ouch! please tell me Vindi didn't just use 'men' & 'dogs' in the same sentence..

Haven't seen either film.. but the plan is to over the coming days..

Sometimes it helps to hint at what you want for a b'day prezzie rather than hope the jezebel men in your life can read minds as well ;-)

I been there a few times.. & I actually appreciate a hint..

I mean what's the point in whisking you off to the swiss alps for a surprise weekend getaway, when all you wanted was an adorable chihuaha?!

RocNaija said...

PS. G'luck with the thesis..

Miss Az`ure said...

Bobo mi Roc...thanks jere.

No no no...d comparison btw men and dogs was a mere figure of speech, but u lot do have some odd habits in common...lmao. We love our men, and the cute little dogs equally ;-)

Yeah, pls see d movies o. I have to see Benjamins case of wats it called too. I'm curious to see wat was making my good frend cry.

As for the prezzies, I'll try out ur advice and Hint away ;-)

Tiwa said...

Aww..thanks for the welcome/intro

Slumdog had a pretty big effect on me but i don't know if this marley n me will measure up cuz im not a very doggie i guess its the other way round for me.

Lol at the "crust on your bread" tellin you whats up everyday..i had a friend that used to do that n it annoyed the hell out of me too. I think he's was even worse cuz he used to say it when we were talkin on the phone, after askin wats up initially, I'ld reply, he comment on my reply and add a "so whats up now?" at the end ...err i just told u idiot!

nyways, good luck with your thesis jus hang in there n keep the serious cap on. XXX

Buttercup said...

hey computer friend! :)

all the best with ur thesis o..i can just imagine how much fun u'll have when its all over..

lol @ the pyjamas thing..u r right, thats all my mum ants to buy these days *smh*

awwww @ ur good friend :(

im yet to watch marley and me..been avoiding it cos im in no mood for tear jerkers..WOLVERINE ALL THE WAY!!!

Miss Az`ure said...

Tiwa...i know. It's very awkward wen guys so "so wats up now" like ten Thanks...Keepin the seriousness going ;-)

B'Cup, thanks babes. I'm taking a 3month vacay wen its over

Yo, i saw d Wolverine flick last nite...Arrrgggghhhh...why did it end. I wished it wouldn't. As in I sat down and watched the credits roll in I'm buying it wen its out on DVD...thot d Xavier scene was kinda corny tho...lmao. Lemme stop so i dnt spoil it for the others.