Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So guys, hope you lot are doing good and are Happy.

I've been slacking this I've always been doing since I was born....hehehe.
I stopped doing Lab work for about 3 weeks after my Oga said i had to re-start. I was like, Pardon??? But really, that mess got me disoriented m8. As in, "dude, this is my thesis negro". My final project as the Europeans and Nigerians like to call it. Anyway, I've started going back and I actually like it :-)
Hopefully I'm done this summer. I want to relocate people. I'm thinking of going to Canada so I can apply for skilled workers visa. The future is so broad and uncertain but bright...Na me a headache thinking about all the changes to be done and decisions I have to make. God dey bah?

I'm watching Slumdog Millionaire. I started watching it last night but was continually distracted by a certain somborry who refuses take a hint. Gosh,...don't you just hate it when someone you're not attracted to always wants to be around you? Makes me want to scream. Arrrgggghhhh!!! Life is funny tho. Latika and Jamal...are u kids kidding me? Movies can give us hope though half of it is bullocks, we still want to believe. (Please, when did I become such a skeptic?) I need to retrieve my heart back from the rock i left it under.

When guys are going through stuff, they take it out on you by being cold instead of just letting go and telling us whats on their mind. Like, why can't they just be vulnerable. I'm not saying he should break down and cry except it is absolutely necessary...and not the "booo hoo hoo" kinda cry, but the "water in my eyes" type. Anyway, the most reasonable thing to do is be patient and give them their space innit? Thats what I think, unless someone has a different answer for my good friend who is totally confused by this one guy. My brother too does this...when his brain touches, we just leave him alone or give him a bottle of cold water to cool

Current Playlist: Soft Rock
1). Tom's Dinner: Susanne Vega
2). Breathe Carolina: The Birds and The Bees
3). Take my Hand (remix): Dido**
4). I feel it All: Feist
5). Beautiful: Lucy Scwhartz
6). Valerie: Amy Winehouse
7). Mushaboom: Feist
8). I don't know a thing: Lucy Schwartz
9). Use Somebody : Kings of Leon**
10). I'd rather damce with you: Kings of Convenience**
11). Groove Jet: DJ Spiller
12). Hero/Heroine: Boys Like Girls
13). F***ing Boyfriend: The Birds and the Bees
14). The Cure and the Curse: Fish go deep
15). Someday Soon: Katy Tunstall
16). Count on Me: Lucy Schwartz
17). If I ever feel Better: Phoneix
18). Stoned: Dido**

** the songs that i have on repeat.
Bonus Track: T.O.N.Y, by Solange... Love this song. "

I'm having a rest before I have to go back to school. I'll see ya when I see ya.
Stay happy guys.

Miss P!!!


RocNaija said...

I feel you on movies being bollocks.. lol

But bollocks sells..!

Good luck with your final project/thesis!

And I gotta say your taste in music is... different.

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the brain touch!! I had to disconnect one of my friends for like 4 months cos he started whyling cos I used to abuse him on fb and he is one sensitive mofo! Ode!! Anyhow, resits happen- I had one in 2nd yr...because of major slacking and tripping out of my ends to go for parry everywhere in England! lol!!

So who is this crust on your bread that is disturbing you? lol! Kai- I need a diztraction o! vindi