Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Past Months

I went on a brief Hiatus :-)
I broke my literally. I unscrewed it and did so much damage that the Geek at the Squad couldn't revive my wireless, so I had to buy a USB thingy that picks up connections. He at least fixed some other sutff for free.. Best Buy rocks.
Just recovering from a hangover. After a long day taking my friends mum shopping, my hommie gave me a bottle of White wine. I never understood when guys said that they could finish a whole bottle in one sitting. I didn't understand until last It is indeed very possible.
So how have you lot been? I'm gonna summarize my life since I left in May.

May/June: went to England for my fathers god-daughters wedding. It was nice. It was great having the whole family on vacation together in one spot. Caught up and chilled with a lot of old and great friends. I love my friends mehn. I can't say this enough. *sigh*. London was so much fun though. I was never home. One thing I learnt was to take a shower before I stepped out of the door even if you're just going up the hill for some Ate some good food. Monica the The day before my birthday, I took my fam to go see Laura Izibor and Mamas Gun. OmoT was skeptical unitl after the show. She's not into my kind of madness. Soul music and the likes but she really enjoyed it. I'm glad she did. The twins can't stop talking about it too. The especially loved her song "Mmmmmm".
I Got addicted to Ribena all over again. Fish and Chips. Good Chocolate. And all the men that kept me company and enjoyed my Hmmm, there was this one guy that was quite disgusting. I won't go there sha but ewwww...And there was one that was in love with my locs. First guy that I allowed touch my That my future boo from Zimbabwe :-) He was too cute abeg. And his pick up lines were adorably Gosh!!! And the one that saw me on the street and believed we were destined to Men are funny sha. But it's always good fun cos I can accomodate randomness and I find it quite enjoyable.

Anyway June/July: Got back to Yonkers. Went back to the lab, got some work done and played harder. My hommie got married and my friends came down. We always wile out when we're together...lo.. Fun times. Drove down to DC with poodle. Went for the Chelsea/Ac Milan game in Baltimore. Stayed at Gizzles. Went to see FRESHLY GROUND...*sigh* best concert of my life til date. God is good oh, and He most certainly loves me. So Poodle and I left the house an hour early so we wouldn't miss a thing ehn. Just for us to get there an hour late because downtown Washington DC is retarded..hisssssssss...And i didn't have GPS. Jojo who went with LG was giving us updates. She met the lead singer sef, can u imagine. Like they had a whole conversation and too pics and all WTF. Sha sha, we got there and thankfully there were some problems so they started 2 hours I was so happy o, cos if I missed the show, I woulda cried. The week after, I saw John Legend in concert. India Arie opened for him. My boo, so sexy :-) My friends bought me very good seats as my birthday pressie. It was a great show.

August: Maxwell tickets were sold out at Ticketmaster for weeks until the day of the concert and I got great seats. Row K. Mary Mary opened for him. Random bah? One of them is pregerz sef. She looked bonz with her bang belly. Maxwell is so sexy yo. His song is even playing right now. what a coinkidinki. Any who, that dudes smile can heal my pain on a bad day. We weren't allowed to take pics so I don't have those for u :-(
The day after, I saw COLD Play. This concert was actually pretty cool. At the box office, there was a Lil Wayne poster hanging on the window cos he was performing on saturday. I asked the lady for Cold play tickets. She did a double take and asked in an unsure manner.. "For tonight?". And I was like "Yes!!!". She looked shocked outta her mind...lmao. But yeah, we had so much fun that night. And here we are, the day after my hangover, I'm blogging again. Re-registered for thesis so I'll defend sometime in December. That's it really.

I Promise to be good and blog at least once a month okay?...Luv y'all.
P.s, I'm looking for a boyfriend for my bestfriend. If u have d hook up, lemme know ;-)


Anonymous said...

lol@ bang belly...too funny... London guys na wa o....I even have my own gist but ill have to filter it for blogger but ill throw it you you via fb!! LOL! I am going to beat my bloggin record of last year which means I need to do 10 blogs a month...Can she do it?? I dunno but she will try...OMD, youre so right though...cant leave your house in one piece without getting busted...Went out on sat- If not for the good Lord, I would have disgraced myself and my fam- Went to Hendon, see my life, busted by my friend and her boyfriend...No MEK UPZZ, nothing...just me and my flip flops, a pair of cropped khakis and my popsi old golf shirt...It was a good thing I decided to think about what I was going to wear instead of that scary cardigan...then went to a parry, saw some old face (was looking correct so no probs there...) then some other stuff... Kai, london is too much...I love it...this t-shirts...Me Ill never see in every time, something alwas happens...anyhow, God willing next time eh...

K, think i have a title for my next blog 'what is your problem?' Its about the usual- gari of!

Fish and chips with bbq sauce and mushy peas! Correct grub! and scampi and! mehn, guys these days smoke far too much gari...One guy yest came to a bar with his babe only to start keeping his distance from her and starting to talk to! Joker! Kai, na wa for these 21st century men... vindi

MKL said...

Show us some pic of your best friend. I'm curious :P

miz-cynic said...

it had bbe tht u're boo-ed up and ur friend asked u to do this as a favour to her if not u jsut adverised her for free and she gona kill u!even thou u did it with the best intentions.

Miss Az`ure said...

Vindi, hurry and send me d gist It's wierd tho, I can dress like a hobo in the States. No one cares cos we're laid back like that. One day u'll get ur shirt o.

MKL: Ahh, but I can't do She'll definitely murder me if I do.

Thanks for coming by miz-cynic. I'm not boo-ed up o and she doesn't know abt But she's been off the market for....4 years maybe? We need fix that stat!!!

Anonymous said...