Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Fridays

Friday oh Friday...not that I've got nothing to do but I just don't do nothing. I'm currently a bum and I like it :-)

I like twitter because I can say as much as I can with no pressure. The first thing about twitter I abhor is "Follw Fridays" or watever they call it. I don't want to explain wat it is but, I just hate it. "Don't Abuse the Application"...Why do you have to tweet every damn minute. Like I check my page after two hours and all I see are 100 tweets from one person...As in, really?? And they've started forming cliques again ontop twitter. RT themselves all damn day. I know I sound like a hater but gosh, I dint notice this until I started following Nigerians on there. This whole social thingy we find ourselves doing really pisses me the hell off. Needless to say that I've UnFollowed the lot. Follow me I guess? If you want sha.


Major changes are about to take place and I can't wait. To think that I was ready to move back. Now I'm just ready to move out and move on :-)


*I need to hold back on the smiley faces*

Playstation...You SUCK. So I bought my PS3 console 2 month ago and these fools decided just now that they'll be releasing the PS3 slim. I'd have definitely chosen slim over phat because I do a lot of travelling and the 1st gen PS3 is heavy boy. Hmph!!! Arggghhh...And to find a buyer will be a BIG problem because not only did they increase the memory on the Slim, but they also reduced the price by a hundred bucks. Who in their right minds is gonna want this dinosaur that I own now ehn. And no one can tell me I didn't play my cards right before getting my console. I waited for what seemed like eternity, over three years before I bought it. If thats not patience, I don't know what is. I'm so very disappointed. Whatever sha.

Working on some Azure accessories. This one will coincide with a particular issue in Nigeria. You'll have to wait and see but it's going to be a hit :-)

my new bestest website for Naija news. It has everything from sports to politics to arts :-)

I've started drawing again...well, sort of. Damn, I haven't drawn since...since...2007??

This entry feels like a Dear Diary type joint.

***And 7 hours later...I broke my wireless usb. I rushed to Bestbuy 5 minutes ago and just like that, I've xchanged it for a new one. One of the reasons I Love America. If we were in Jand, I'll have to explain what, why, how and when the accident happened. If we were in Naija, I'd be coughing out another $70 to buy a new one because we know those fools don't take back anything; Broken or***

Back to my original post...***Hold that thought. I gotta go somewhere too do something right quick***

Ok, I'm back. So I decided to check out the PS3slim o, and guess what....WHAT you say?...They're sold out. That's how I would've sold my console and be left with nothing. Lol...God works in mysterious ways.

***I started to hear myself think, so I turned up the Radio***

My baby gets more adorable each day. If I can love a friends kid this much, I wonder how much love I'll have for my own kid. Can't wait :-)
It's rainng outside. Good reason not to call anyone or go out. This is going to be a wonderfully quiet weekend.

Stay Blessed world.

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